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How should we represent an IPv6 address with port number in text?

Under IPv4, the de facto standard notation is completely clear: it is an IP address with port number. This is understood in URL's for instance: If I have ...
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How can I find all connections in a mesh network/graph?

Suppose I have a mesh of relationships, such as Friends who trust some friends and not others A IPv6 router that needs to locate peers across the Internet A PGP Web Of Trust that needs two people ...
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127 votes
4 answers

IPv4 to IPv6. where is IPv5?

As all of us know that after IPv4 it came IPv6. How this transition happened? I just want to know was there any IPv5 also? or there is any other logic in naming this version of IP as IPv6?
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Is IPv6 support a "nice to have" feature anymore?

I work on an app that does a lot of network communication. I know that IPv4 addresses are being exhausted. At the same time, none of our customers are asking for IPv6 yet. We are examining which new ...
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Should I worry about switching over from IPv4 to IPv6? [closed]

As you must be aware that IPv4 addresses ar almost over and the switch to IPv6 is imminent, should I, as a programmer need to worry about anything to make my applications work with the new system ? ...
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