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How to design a region table for localization standardizations with multiple criteria

I am designing a database for localization standardizations. It contains Languages, Regions, Cultures, etc. For the region, I have a hierarchical structure that contains a name and a parent which is a ...
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Why are cost and compliance not a software quality characteristic?

According to the standard ISO/IEC 25010:2011, the "quality of a system is the degree to which the system satisfies the stated and implied needs of its various stakeholders". The standard ...
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What is the role of ISO in the ECMAScript standardization process?

I've been told on StackOverflow this questions was off-topic so I'm asking here: From this webpage (ISO/IEC 22275:2018): This International Standard defines the ECMAScript Specification Suite ...
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How to reflect "functional quality" when implementing ISO 250XX, which is quality model of non-functional requirements?

We want to adopt ISO 25000 quality model, which explicitly states it does not deal with functional requirements (i.e. its Functional suitability is truly about assessing how the functions fit in the ...
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What is the difference between Functional Completeness and Functional Correctness in ISO 25023?

I am reading the ISO 25023, and I am not sure if I understand the concept of Functional Completeness correctly, but I think it is useless in comparison to Functional Correctness. Functional ...
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How to structure SW documentation with SOUP components

I need to produce some documentation to be compliant with IEC 62304 and, while reading all of the processes needed to be documented, I'm having a couple doubts about how to structure the whole lot of ...
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11 votes
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Can creating a Software Design Document after development be justified?

I'm currently working on my graduation for my "Software Development" studies, in which I have to develop complex software individually in an external company. This all needs to be done in a structured ...
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2 answers

ISO 27001 and investigating production issues

We get problems on production systems every now and then, most of which can't be replicated on dev/systest/uat for following reasons, We don't have enough data on dev/systest/uat e.g. production has ...
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How implement company procedures while using scrum?

My manager give me the task to implement new ISO procedures of analysis and design (later it will be of the entire software development cycle) because in the team we don't have any kind of methodology ...
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Why does ISO 8859-1 contain letter-free diacritics?

ISO 8859-1 contains a few letter-free diacritics: The diaeresis (¨), the acute accent (´), the cedilla (¸) and the macron (¯).¹ Why were they included? As far as I know (please correct me if I am ...
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When passing dates/datetimes as url parameters in an API, which format is better - unix timestamp or date string (ISO 8601) [closed]

Interesting question came up at work in regards to the better format of passing a date/datetime as a url parameter in an API: Is it better to pass as a unix timestamp, or as a plaintext date string (...
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Are there any widely accepted sets of standards/practices for secure coding? [closed]

The title should be fairly self-explanatory. We need to update our coding standards, and as part of this process we've been asked to try and follow an industry standard from a recognised/...
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Why would programmers ignore ISO standards? [closed]

One of the things I run into often is problems caused by programs which don't conform to ISO standardss. One example would be not using the ISO country tables but making up their own shorthands, ...
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In terms of Software, what constitutes a quality control plan for ISO 9001 compliance?

I am bidding on a government contract (my first) and there is a section requesting that I provide a high-level outline of a quality control plan that would ensure that the end product is ISO-9001 ...
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What is a uniform way to express Country, City, State? (ISO standard, etc)

I need to encode data into a user token that describes the user's Country, State, and city. I understand that different descriptors apply to different government hierarchies, but am looking for a ...
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My organization is relatively small; how can I follow ISO9000/1 as a matter of best practice? [closed]

I work for a company of <60 people. I understand that larger companies typically are ISO9000/9001 certified, as a matter of quality assurance. I also understand that for a company my size, such ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How would I make a suggestion for a change to the SQL standard

If I wanted to make a suggestion to a change to how the UPDATE statement works in SQL, how would I go about it? Is there a website for the next standard? I googled, but just kept getting the ...
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3 answers

Is the addition of a duration to a date-time defined in ISO 8601?

I've writing a date-time library, and need to implement the addition of a duration to a date-time. If I add a 1 month duration: P1M to the 31st March 2012: 2012-03-31, does the standard define what ...
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ISO 12207: Verification of integration and Unit test validation

I have received comments from the supervisor reviewing my thesis. He asked two questions I cannot answer right now: If ISO 12207 says under "Integration verification" that it "checks that components ...
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Can each mobile app have its own client account for payments? (Windows Phone, Android and iPhone)

My company has many clients wanting mobile applications and having the payments come into our account and then sorting the payments would be a real pain. So can a company have a main account to ...
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5 answers

Pair Programming and ISO 27001

I’ve been working in an eXtreme programming team and doing pair programming for over 7 years in a windows environment. When we first started doing it someone would log in with their windows ...
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32 votes
5 answers

Can Agile and ISO 9001 interact well?

There are few academic papers addressing the relationship between lean software development and the practices covered by ISO 9001. Most articles says that the divergence between these approaches is ...
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3 answers

Best representation for relative dates & durations

I use ISO 8601 to represent dates & durations and all is OK. But now I need to represent relative dates and durations like: The date for first day, at midnight, of the next week All the last ...
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C/C++: Who uses the logical operator macros from iso646.h and why? [closed]

There has been some debate at work about using the merits of using the alternative spellings for C/C++ logical operators in iso646.h: and && and_eq &= bitand & bitor ...
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15 votes
10 answers

C++ : Lack of Standardization at the Binary Level

Why ISO/ANSI didn't standardize C++ at the binary level? There are many portability issues with C++, which is only because of lack of it's standardization at the binary level. Don Box writes, (...
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