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What is the (lowercase 't') true definition of "support" (to a computer scientist)? [closed]

tl;dr An audacious claim by a classmate caused me to question the definition of the word "support" (verb) in the context of computer science. Is it analogous to standard definitions where a ...
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Strategies in cloud migration [closed]

A few months ago I found a presentation with slides about the benefits of migrating to the cloud. I think that the presentation was maybe quite old but I think that it started with arguing that ...
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What is the proper terminology for this sort of thing? [closed]

A construct I often use when the list of "things to make a decision on" gets too big to be practical in an if/else or switch statement is to make a table with values and callbacks. For example, ...
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Name of a program's startup/initial loading window?

I am writing user documentation (an SOP) that involves third party programs that I am trying to describe well. One such program is a server that offers little indication of it's startup besides a ...
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What is the verb for "to make something into a plugin"? [closed]

What is the verb for "to make something into a plugin"? Example use: "Developer can you make Module Foo into a plugin?". "Yes sir, I can some verb Module Foo". Terms I have considered: pluginify, ...
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Program coded in .Net

What does it generally mean when a programmer says his program/application was "coded in .Net"? When I think of .Net I think of C# and Visual Basic. I don't usually think of any other language on ...
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Is there a name for this technique in testing? [closed]

When I've written tests for some code and want to make sure that it's actually testing what it's supposed to, I'll mess up or remove the code-under-test, and see if the tests fail. If they don't, I've ...
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What is the term for a 'decoy' feature or intentional bug? [closed]

I have forgotten a slang programming term. This thing is an intentional bug or a decoy feature used as a distraction. An example usage, "Hey Bob, QA is doing a review today. Put a $THING into the ...
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What is the proper jargon to refer to a variable wrapped inside a function closure?

In JavaScript, there is no such thing as a "private" variable. In order to achieve encapsulation and information hiding in JavaScript, I can wrap a variable inside a function closure, like so: var ...
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Terms for different types of development

I'm trying to figure out the right terminology for the different types of software development Right now, the only development term I know is "web development", but I've also done a lot of Java and C#...
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What is this development methodology called?

I recall a methodology that emphasized making functions short and numerous. It said that if a section of code can be separated at all, it should be, even if the resultant functions are only used once....
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What does "proxy to" mean?

I keep coming across the word "proxy" used as a verb in tutorials, etc. Usually something will "proxy to" something else. What does this mean? Having spent some time googling for what it means in a ...
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What does the term "fast follower" mean?

In the last few days, I've heard the term "fast follower" mentioned several times. It's used in the context of an unresolved bug/issue that (supposedly) will be quickly fixed and implemented. Is this ...
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What are the proper uses of the various "Sign-in" terminologies?

What are the preferred use cases for the following sets of terms: Log in / Log out Log on / Log off Sign in / Sign out Sign on / Sign off From what I can guess, "Logging in" should be used for a ...
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