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Can I ditch the persistence.xml file on JBoss?

I have a Spring based app where another programmer is using JPA's persistence.xml file to define the setup of hibernate and to define the entities that are being persisted. The app is using Spring's ...
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Is JBPM the right tool for this? [closed]

We have a utility for monitoring directories and taking actions when files appear in those directories. It's in java and takes the form of a standalone jar which launches several threads when started: ...
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Why is there a gap between JBoss EAP and the JBoss AS/Community edition?

Admittedly new to this but I wanted to understand why there is a gap between Red Hat's JBoss EAP project (their enterprise version) and JBoss AS/Wildfly/community project. Looking at this post from ...
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SOA, Java EE and data organization

At the company I work for, we're currently splitting up our monolith solution into a number of small services (SOA). The purpose of this is to make the developers working on each chunk of code (...
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What is the one or the few major changes from Java 6 to Java 7, couldn't JBoss do that already with Java 5? [duplicate]

A buddy said today that one change between v6 and v7 is that v7 will close for instance database connection "automatically" but couldn't JBoss do that already with Java 5? I've seen "JBoss is closing ...
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Multi-platform design with Delphi, Java, MySQL and CouchDB [closed]

What are the most obvious drawbacks to this idea for an enterprise(ish) model using the following technologies. Browser based and native developed GUI using Delphi to connect to Datasnap server (...
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How to get started in coding for JBoss [closed]

I have an idea on how to revamp our internal application, after having accessed the needs of the users, addressing thier current issues, and the like. But I am not a coder. My last application I ...
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