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The Joel Test is a quick test to check the quality of a company that you work for - or one you are interviewing with.

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Should Maven generate JAXB java code or just use Java code from source control?

We're trying to plan how to mash together a build server for our shiny new Java backend. We use a lot of JAXB XSD code generation and I was getting into a heated argument with whoever cared that the ...
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Is the Joel Test really a good gauging tool? [duplicate]

I just learned about the Joel Test. I have been computer programmer for 22 years, but somehow I never heard about it before. I consider my best job so far to be this small investment managing company ...
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Does following Agile methodology contradict programmers should have quiet working conditions (one of the Joel test)?

My organization is moving to Agile process of software development. As part of it, the developers and quality engineers will sit together with the cubicle walls scaled down. I am just wondering how ...
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"Joel test" for B2B hardware/software developers

I discovered the Joel test recently and applied it to my team. However, I but found hard to apply some points to my company since we are developing small chips with both "wired" and programmable ...
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How up-to-date is the Joel test? [closed]

I want to convince my partners that we should have a spec and that bugs should get fixed before writing new code. Should I refer to the Joel test? Do you think that the Joel test is up to date? I ...
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Applicability of the Joel Test to web development companies

QUESTION: How can you re-write the questions of the Joel test to apply to web developers? 1. Do you use source control? (source control for all aspects of your app, including configuration, ...
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Can a shop score 12 on the Joel Test and yet be anything but Agile (or Lean)?

Inspired by this question - can an agile shop really score 12 on the Joel Test: Can you come up with explanations or examples where a software development organization satisfies technically all 12 ...
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Can an agile shop really score 12 on the Joel Test? [closed]

I really like the Joel test, use it myself, and encourage my staff and interviewees to consider it carefully. However I don't think I can ever score more than 9 because a few points seem to ...
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What are the pros and cons for the employer of code questions during an interview? [closed]

The Joel Test question #11 is: "Do new candidates write code during their interview?". What are arguments for and against to ask new candidates to write code during the interview and to make a ...
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Is it bad etiquette to ask a potential employer how they score on the Joel Test? [closed]

Developer interviews are different than most other places, because not only do you worry about the people you work with, benefits, job description, etc., you also have EXTRA to worry about after ...
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How important are daily builds? [closed]

One of the criteria of the Joel Test is daily builds. The idea is that if the build is broken, whoever broke it is around to fix it up. If the build cannot be fixed, everyone will have to check out an ...
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What do you think about the Joel Test? [closed]

The Joel Test is a well known test for determining how good your team is. What do you think about the points? Do you disagree with any of them? Is there anything that you would add?
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