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Data store for sequential key-value, time limited event "journal"

I'm designing a system in which a key component acts like a "journal", in the sense that it stores a list of sequential events that can change the state of the entire system. Upon request, any other ...
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How do I manage a development journal?

I am working solo on small development projects on my own time, using Git. For each project, I like to have a development journal which is associated with that project and not associated with other ...
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Is it good practice to put service business logic based on audit trail?

Our application creates audit trails in response to system actions and user actions. Our business logic depends on these audit trails to find out which user performed what action. Is it good practice ...
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Can version control systems use the filesystem log to capture changes?

I was trying to find a "perfect" syncing program between a network share and a local folder, when I realised that it's probably impossible to do it right unless all the filesystem operations were ...
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How common is it to submit papers to journals or conferences outside of academia? [closed]

I worked in academia a few years, but more on the D-side of R&D. The race for papers never appealed to me and I'm a practical not theoretical type, but I do like reading papers on certain topics (...
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Research paper on distributed computing - Advice? [closed]

I am writing my first research paper on distributed storage systems. We also have a prototype working (partially). The project was a complete implementation based project where we envisage to take ...
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Should every programmer keep a "Lessons Learned" journal? [closed]

Every time I've finished a project, there is always something that I've learned (otherwise I don't find it very motivating). But I can't remember everything, and much later I may stumble across the ...
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