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Correct way to return JSON schemas in a REST API

in our company we have some APIs that return some JSON data. Before sending, for instance, data to the backend using PUT, PATCH, or POST, we need to do some kind of validation in the different clients ...
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Content Negotiation: Is a meta representation of a resource, like a JSON Schema, an appropriate REST representation?

This MDN article here summarises quite well the technique of Content Negotiation on a REST API. In essence, if we have a GET /student/:id endpoint, we might want to see different representations of ...
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Where should schemas be maintained?

When working with big architecture, I experienced high costs when it comes to changes of a data model that is used in multiple applications, servers, databases. So I thought about designing a server ...
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Which is better for my use case? A hybrid customer data model or a document store customer data model?

I am trying to get some preliminary insight into the pros and cons of using either a hybrid model (jsonb document-relational) or an all jsonb document store model for customer data in PostgreSQL. Both ...
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What is the purpose of adding a schema validation in responses?

Many of the server scripting packages/tools out there have the option to have a schema validation before the response is sent out to the clients. E.g. the fastify package for a Node.js has a pretty ...
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Content Types of JSON in particular schema

My application stores two different types of json data in s3. For example: Schema-Foo and Schema-Bar. Up to now I used the content-type application/json for both. I would like to make a distinction ...
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How to model JSON data so it can be easily de-serialized in to simple Java classes?

Context Currently I'm struggling with correctly modeling a small instruction set I want to send as JSON to an Android application to generate a list of UI parts. Right now it's layered as pretty much ...
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