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Which 'Fkey' can I safely use in a cross-platform application?

I'm developing a text editor and start to think about key bindings. Which F key (F1, F2, F11, etc.) should I use in my application, assuming that I want OS X users to be able to use it as well? I don'...
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What is the name of the type of program to produce Unicode characters from ASCII combinations?

For example, in Vietnamese, there are Unicode characters like "â", "ê", "ô", "ư", v.v. To type them from keyboard, I need to type aa, ee, oo, w, then a program ...
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When internationalizing texts, should underscores (for keyboard shortcuts) be part of the texts to be translated?

I have a project where I need to translate a lot of words and text fragments in different languages. In these texts, underscores are currently added in these text (fragment(s)) to be used as keyboard ...
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Does CTRL+C works in the whole world [closed]

I would like to know if CTRL+C (copy) keyboard shortcut works on all Windows versions above '98, all Non-English Windows and on all keyboards (English, German, Chinese...)?
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Is there a guide for software development to design efficient hotkeys for actions?

I don't know how to word this easily but basically the software I am writing has a ton of actions and I want to assign hotkeys to every one of them so power users can work super fast. First off they ...
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emacs keybindings [closed]

I read a lot about vim and emacs and how they make you much more productive, but I didn't know which one to pick. Finally when I decided to teach myself common lisp, the decision was straight forward: ...
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How do I improve my ability to manipulate code quickly, not wpm?

I have seen several questions on here about touch typing and words per minute but not about improving ones ability to manipulate text using keyboard shortcuts, bindings etc. I have tried putting a ...
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