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Class diagrams and frames

UML class diagrams (1st pic) and frames (which belong to knowledge representation and artificial intelligence) (2nd pic) look pretty alike. But do class diagrams exactly type of frames or they just ...
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Shortest Path Between Two Nodes in a +10 Million Nodes Graph

I have my own knowledge graph representation, read from ConceptNet and NELL, containing tens of millions of nodes in which I want to calculate the nearest distance (if any) between two concept nodes. ...
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Implementing a first basic interpreter: what should I learn first? [duplicate]

I'm about to implement my own very simple programming language, and an interpreter to execute code in that language. The language will be very basic. Example code: var x = 3 if x > 2 print x if x ...
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Slugify via helper or store slug on database?

I have a simple question: Slugify via helper or store the slug on database? I mean, let's suppose that I have Guilherme Oderdenge on database and I want to transform it into a human-readable URL such ...
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Is it necessary to science of DSP for a c++ programmer?

I am a C++ programmer. I would like to use DSP algorithms in C++. Is understanding the science behind Digital Signal Processing a prerequisite to implementing DSP algorithms?
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Do I need to understand the Internals of a programming language?

I am beginner to Python and I really like it so far. One question that comes to my mind very often is if I need to understand and therefore learn the Internals of a programming language (as in my case ...
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Format text in a generic and reusable way

I would like to write some long text in some structure to allow a set of operations on that text. The question is which structure or format should I use, which suits best the use that I plan to do of ...
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What does a programmer really need to become a professional? [closed]

There are huge numbers of programmers, especially juniors, who need good assistance in becoming professional. I've heard a lot of about "books every programmer should read", etc. I have two years of ...
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Effective way to gain practical knowledge [closed]

I am currently nearing the end of my first year of my CS degree and have been disappointed with the lack of coding I have been asked to do (one unit). I am basically looking for an effective way to ...
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Some Insight on the Field of Knowledge Representations and Reasoning [closed]

I started following an MS in computer sciences after about two years of work for a software company. I worked primarily in data warehousing and business intelligence related software development ...
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Sharing knowledge in activity-based working

My workplace will soon be shifting to the concept of 'activity based working', which moves from the idea of IT teams, BA teams, PM teams, etc to project-based work where people from across all facets ...
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Domain knowledge vs Programming [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How important is Domain knowledge vs. Technical knowledge? I often hear from my colleagues and sometimes from interviewers that, "There is nothing so great in having ...
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Saying "no" to people asking questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When do you not give help to less experienced programmers? Currently, I am finding a lot of my day is taken up by people asking domain knowledge/system questions. This ...
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Is the science of Computer Science dead? [closed]

Question : Is the science and art of CS dead? By that I mean, the real requirements to think, plan and efficiently solve problems seems to be falling away from CS these days. The field seems to be ...
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Do some programmers know some secrets that we others don't? [closed]

I will not bother you with details of my discussion so I will present it in the form of a short instance. A java guy has been following articles and publications of a famous programmer (a kind of ...
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Template for Knowledge Transfer [closed]

I have been working for more than a year for this company. Now they want me to create a KT Document for reference. Is there any template available for me to document the coding done by me..
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Which are the significant algorithms for humankind in past decades? [closed]

Which world most important algorithms have contributed most to humankind in past decades? I thought this is a good general knowledge for a developer to know about. Update: If possible, please keep ...
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Enterprise knowledge sharing?

I recently read this article on knowledge sharing and immediately recognized the same problem within my own organization. My main goal now is to 'kill peer-to-peer collaboration' as the default method ...
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