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Appropriate base type for simply typed lambda calculus

Given the following hypothetical programming language: Intended for practical programming A simply typed lambda calculus (STLC) All objects are functions, based on Church encodings I am aware that ...
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Generating a Beta Reduced Lambda Expression in Java

Good day, I'm a beginner in Java and I was wondering if, in Java, I'm able to do a beta reduction with a given lambda expression in Java. Basically lambda reduction is like this: 1.) Expression : (...
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Which Algorithm Approach Should I Take to Generate Lambda Expressions in Java?

Good day, I'm trying to find a way to program a lambda expression generator in java with this context-free grammar, and I would want to ask ; what would be the best way to tackle this problem and be ...
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Lambda calculus: Call by value / Call by name (lazy)

Having difficulties deciding which rules to apply on by value / by name evaulation. Say I have: (λz.zz)(λb.b) And I want to evaluate according to call by valute, will the next step be (λz.z)(λb.b)...
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What is the equivalent of The Little Lisper project in Haskell?

In the book The Little Lisper, you implement a minimal Scheme in 10 Chapters that is capable of interpreting any chapter in the book. To me it seems you could do the same for a 'minimal subset of a ...
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What is the relationship between lambda calculus and programming languages? [closed]

I am starting my first year (in college) in Computer Science next year and I write mostly in C (if that is to matter). I have tried searching but most of what I find assumes knowledge of lambda ...
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Lambda expressions with no parameters in Haskell and / or lambda calculus

In eager languages like Scheme and Python, you can use a lambda expression without parameters to delay evaluation, e.g. in Scheme (Chicken Scheme): #;1> (define (make-thunk x) (lambda () (+ x 1))) ...
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What Is λ-calculus essentially?

I have what I would call a philosophical question about λ-calculus. When you explore λ-calculus you will be surprised to see all the things that you can do there. You can define integers, arithmetic ...
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Notation/Meta Language To Express An Algorithm

I need to learn a notational language, so I can express and possibly prove the correctness of what I believe to be a complicated algorithm that distributes a credit adjustment across multiple water ...
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General recursion to tail-recursion

Is it theoretically possible to transform every kind of general-recursion into tail-recursion? Are they equivalent for example from a lambda-calculus point of view? That's a debate between me and an ...
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If Scheme is untyped, how can it have numbers and lists?

Scheme is said to be just an extension of the Untyped Lambda Calculus (correct me if I am wrong). If that is the case, how can it have Lists and Numbers? Those, to me, look like 2 base types. So I'd ...
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