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How to sign a document in LAMP environment?

I'm working on a LAMP environment (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) and I need to sign documents (PDF, but maybe in a future, I'll use other formats so I'm interested in a general answer). These documents are ...
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LAMP without PHP [closed]

My question is that is the P part of the LAMP really necessary? I will have the database and I can connect to it via the appache http so why will I need php/python in the server side (if it is a ...
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What exactly happens on a LAMP machine when I request a php file?

I am a .NET developer who has recently started working in a LAMP environment. I know that if I go to, then (1) DNS resolves the URL to my server (2) my server handles ...
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Good way to manage database test data?

Standard LAMP stack: CentOS, Apache, PHP, MySQL plus Java (via Google Web Tools), eclipse, mercurial Currently we have a manual integration step where a feature branch is pushed to a staging server ...
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For a web-application, should I programmatically create the database tables or provide a schema file and instructions?

The few LAMP web applications I have installed require me to create the necessary database tables myself, with a schema file, instead of doing it automatically with a script or setup page. Is this a ...
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Re-writing a large web application - alternatives to LAMP

We have a very large, 10 year old LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web application that is out of control and poorly written due to a large number of patches and possible hundreds of programmers. If ...
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Should I use the language I'm most comfortable in, or the company "standard"

I'm going to be developing an Intranet site for my specific plant, and our company standard for web-development is IIS + ASP.Net + VB.Net + Microsoft SQL Server (note that we have about 10+ plants). ...
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How to be up to date with the LAMP platform?

Most of times I get to know about the new features too late. It is okay at least I know about them does not matter from where I know But I feel it is too late to know about those features. I am ...
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What and all the areas of Linux a PHP developer should know about? (Like just commands of it or something advanced)

I've developed a website using PHP but I implemented it on Windows OS and hosted it on Windows server. I just searched the PHP job market to know the on-going technology requirement and to keep my ...
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Do LAMP/Java-based software development teams have SOE's?

As a developer on the Windows/.NET stack, it's pretty normal for the company-supplied machine to come with Windows (usually an ancient, archaic version like Windows XP) and a stack of software pre-...
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Whole Solution Complexity ... vs Development Complexity

I am generally a PHP Developer that deals in a few different MVC frameworks. I am being tempted (like most) to break out of my comfortable LAMP environment in pursuit of a "prettier" and "more simple"...
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Will LAMP meet the following needs?

I remember a few years back, when I had a web-site I wanted to develop, that many people recommended I go the LAMP route. Unfortunately, I never got around to studying/practicing that. I'm currently ...
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Where can I host my JSP+Java Web application? [closed]

My web application is currently written in JSP/Java, using an Oracle DB. I develop on Windows, and I use JDeveloper (Oracle's eclipse clone) and I use JDev's integrated WebLogic Server. I want to go ...
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