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How do JavaScript engines convert async/await to promises under the hood?

I'm curious how the async/await syntax is converted to Promises. Maybe I'm just not thinking about it properly, but I don't know how this code would be converted to a Promise: async function myFunc(...
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Advantages and disadvantages of an FFI vs. a C/C++/etc API

I am trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a Foreign Function Interface (FFI) (in which the high-level languagd can call most C functions directly and can manipulate C data ...
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How to get an object that another object is prototype of?

Javascript in the DOM has a peculiar characteristic. There's a different Object object that an object (by default) inherits per window. In order to find what kind of object is being sent to a function ...
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What are the standards for dealing with pluralia tantum in your code? [closed]

When using variables of which their plural and singular are both the same, how do you name them? Are there any standards out there? For example: Series[] series // Plural Series series // ...
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What does "enterprise" means in relation to software architecture?

I see the term "enterprise" being thrown around software developers and programmers a lot and used loosely it seems. en·ter·prise/ˈentərˌprīz/ Noun: A project or undertaking, typically one ...
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can we do scaling by throwing ruby stone

I heard developers at my office discussing Ruby language can be used for following purposes: Desktop apps,Web Apps,and may be handheld devices. Actually,we are in phase of selecting technology to have ...
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7 answers

What is the "PHP Way"?

I see constant references to the " Way," such as descriptions of a particular framework or application as "Pythonic," a certain person as a "Perl hacker," or "true Ruby code," but where are the "PHP ...
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5 votes
7 answers

Are languages just syntax or do they include the framework too? [closed]

In building a language history for Pascal I noticed that at some point languages changed from a strong line between the language and its common libraries to more of a blurry one. In the first few ...
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When and why you should use void (instead of e.g. bool/int)

I occasionally run into methods where a developer chose to return something which isn't critical to the function. I mean, when looking at the code, it apparently works just as nice as a void and after ...
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What are the basic skills a beginner JavaScript programmer should have? [closed]

In NYC, we are working on creating a collaborative community programming environment and trying to segment out software engineers into differing buckets. At present, we are trying to define: ...
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The importance of javascript and the best way to learn it? [duplicate]

I'm a new graduate, but I have been doing web development for about six months. When I was finishing university the server side languages (PHP, Java) were more important then client side languages. ...
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