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The language specification is the syntax, grammar, intended results, and model the language operates upon.

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Variable assignment in ECMAScript specification in detail

I am trying to wrap my head around what the ECMAScript specification suggests about variable assignment. Introduction: Coming from Java, this is pretty straight forward. Variables get stored at a ...
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When has C or C++ made itself intentionally backwards incompatible? [closed]

Context ( You can skip ) I will be doing a presentation on Python, and will be touching upon V3's decision to be intentionally backwards incompatible, and how that has affected Python long term. I ...
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Why does the C++ standard still allow uninitialized primitive variables?

If reading uninitialized memory is undefined behavior anyway, why has the C++ standard not been changed so that objects of primitive type (int, unsigned, float, double, bool, char) get default-...
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Is there a language agnostic term for statement parameters? [closed]

Is there a general term for the code that sets the parameters of statements require some kind of initialization or bounds? Examples: C: for (x=0; x<y; ++i) switch (controlling_variable) ...
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Can we ever fully, completely specify anything? [closed]

This question is more theoretical than practical. Imagine we have an intelligent machine that if is fed with a fully complete specification of an object then that machine will produce exactly that ...
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In UML, can a component be placed inside a node?

in UML deployment diagrams, the node element is used to represent a "computational resource" (in other words, something that can run software). I know that nodes may have other nodes placed inside ...
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Why did Java make package access default?

I'm asking this question because I believe they did it for a very good reason and that most people do not use it properly, well from my experience in industry so far anyway. But if my theory is true ...
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Resources for understanding a programming language and its specifications and grammar deeply [closed]

I'm a computer engineer and all the courses we have had about programming and computer languages were an introduction to C/Java and OOP. Now I feel like reading Java language specification to learn a ...
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Term to describe keyword followed by statement block [closed]

Is there a general term to describe a keyword followed by a statement block? E.G. if() {statement block} while() {statement block} try{statement block} finally{statement block} Or even something ...
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