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Questions tagged [latency]

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Speeding up read write intensive operation on large files in cloud (Azure)

I am using Azure Storage Blobs to persist certain models per tenant. While processing items for each tenant these models have to be pulled to memory, used for certain operation, updated and pushed ...
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Reducing duplicate API call between micro services in a latency sensitive flow

Let's suppose that I have 5 microservices, let's also name them ServiceA, ServiceB, ServiceC, ServiceD, ServiceE. To perform an operation X communication needs to happen between these services. And ...
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How can I configure storm to receive data from a client, process the data in bolts and then return the processed data to the same client as a stream?

Here my scenario: I have a client application that needs a dedicated powerful computation system that every seconds process some data in input (few kilobyte) and return a few megabytes of processed ...
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