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Law of Demeter and its applicability

Let's say I'd like to perform the following command: house.getFloor(0).getWall(WEST).getDoor().getDoorknob(); To avoid a NullPointerException, I'd have to do the following if: if (house != ...
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Is this a good scenario to violate the Law of Demeter?

I have this code in some part of an application: long sum1 = new Multiples().ofAny(new long[] { 3, 5 }).until(32768).sum(); long sum2 = new Multiples().ofAll(new long[] { 3, 5 }).until(32768).sum(); ...
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According to Demeter's law, is a class allowed to return one of its members?

I have three questions concerning Demeter's law. Apart from classes which were specifically appointed to return objects - such as factory and builder classes - is it okay for a method to return an ...
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Does this violate the Law of Demeter?

Let's say I have a class SelectableEntity<T extends Entity> which has three methods, select, deselect, isSelected and count. To take a somewhat contrived example, let's say I'm building an ...
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Dealing with a large interface

I'm working on a program that solves a certain type of systems of equations. The main data objects are Equation, Variable, Solution. Then I have this interface, which represents all things that I want ...
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