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A library is a collection of resources providing data and/or services for developing independent software.

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Dynamically load user code from a common library

My project aims to provide a common interface between multiple different HDL simulators, so users can write test benches that will work no matter the simulator used. In this situation, it is the ...
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Why does clock() function in C from <time.h> header only returns clock ticks in increments of 10's of thousands?

I am curious to know why does the function clock() only returns values in increments of 10,000 and is not able to return values in between. I have the following code: #include<iostream> #...
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Android network Lib development

I have to develop an Android library that should frequently communicate with a server in the background. Access to the lib Object should be guaranteed everywhere in the Apps that will use it, so I ...
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Drawing the boundary between high level API and low level API

Assume that were developing a cross platform graphics engine. Now we have quite a lot of low level APIs to choose from (OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX 11, DirectX 12, ...). Now because of this, we are gonna ...
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Should I use value objects creating them via factory method and have only getters or just write DTO's with constructor and getters/setters?

I've been using the APIs of a ticketing service which returns arrays of data more or less complex based on the entrypoint called. In order to simplify my life when consuming such API I wrote some ...
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how to handle external shared libraries, which we do not want to expose

We have 800-900 services we expose via an ESB. Each service is a web app hosted on Tomcat servers. We have 4 tomcat servers per group of services. Our services are split into 4 groups. Each service (...
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How to get verification that you've implemented all your API in a static library?

I just learned that static library building skips the linking stage, which explains why my build process succeeds all the time when it's possible I actually haven't implemented a function in my header....
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Criteria for choosing which common data formats to support for tabular data in a simple ML library

What criteria does one consider when choosing which data formats a library for doing some machine learning task should support for reading/writing tabular (i.e. non-hierarchical) data? I found a ...
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Is this the correct way to use Bower

I'm using Bower whereby I run bower install and it downloads dependency files to /bower_components directory. Then, I create symlinks from my /public/.. directories to the dist files: mypc:/var/www/...
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How do I manage a JavaScript library with TFS?

I know that I can share files between Visual Studio projects using linked files and assemblies using project references. Is there a good approach for JavaScripts? I'd rather not use linked files since ...
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Reusable and customizable charting library on top of d3js

I have started building a charting library on top of d3js using javascript's inheritance. My goal is to develop reusable and fully customizable chart components. I read the article: Towards Reusable ...
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What are the tradeoffs involved in referencing Context in a library?

Context is one of the core classes of Android, and many functions it contains are useful in Android library projects, particularly accessing configuration. What are the trade offs involved in ...
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Pattern for Nuget Package (Abstractions, DepedencyInjections, etc.)

I've been interested in following what other successful libraries are doing with their nuget packages. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any materials to read online and I don't even know what to ...
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Local development for TypeScript library organized as mono repo with Lerna

I currently am developing a TypeScript shared library. The library needs to be imported in sections to minimize the imported bundle size, so I broke it up into packages with a monorepo with Lerna. ...
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How to handle dependency injection in a library to avoid frequent breaking changes?

Let's say I have a C# .NET library with the following classes: public class FooService { private readonly IDependencyA a; public FooService(IDependencyA a) { this.a = a; } ...
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Ensure that library has been initialized

I am using a 3rd party library that must be initialized with Lib::init() before any of its other functions may be called and that must be uninitialized with Lib::destroy() before the application ends. ...
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Do I need provide translation for an UI library

I have a library for a lockscreen in Android, that includes diferent dilogs for fingerprints, texts and all that stuff. My question is: What the best practice to provide localization. Should I have ...
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Using web api or libraries

We currently have 1 domain and 4 subdomains using 5 different applications. We are programming in and we have 6 different solution project. 5 applications and 1 solution for shared back-end. ...
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Use two parallel instances of the same .NET assembly

I've have an n-tier .NET 4.6 internal business application. It has a business logic layer class library project that references a data access layer class library project. It's designed to decouple the ...
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