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Why are "fields" are called that?

Those textboxes, datepickers, textareas, etc... or DB fields. Does anyone know the etymology of it? Why those are "fields"? Is it because a field is an open space area that has no trees ...
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phonetic algorithms for words that aren't surnames?

I've been doing a little research into algorithms for matching spelling mistakes in names. From Soundex through to metaphone and Beider-Morse. All of these algorithms generally focus on last names ...
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Extract the main entity from a body of text for text categorisation?

I'm trying to categorise products based on various fields of data. I've had some success just matching search terms in the product names, but this naive approach doesn't work when it comes to larger ...
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Can edit distance be used in a simple fashion to restrict editing to spelling mistakes only?

For a small hobby project I thought about giving users the ability to edit their submissions, but, since their submissions will be voted on by other users, restrict editing to correct (minor) spelling ...
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