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Deciding between logic on the front-end or back-end

Before I begin, I want to say I am very new to this and I am a junior but also solo developer with no seniors to ask for guidance. Please feel free to explain to me that I am not approaching it ...
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How does one reliably test core Linux software (like package managers, UNIX utils, desktop environments, kernel modules, etc.)?

If I'm not mistaken, a major part of testing software is deploying and using it on your platform of choice. For critical system software such as UNIX utils, package managers, desktop environments/...
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Best software architecture approach for a single core system

Objective: Designing a data intensive application(myApp) C++ on Linux/RTOS which runs on a single core cpu, there are also 150 other applications share the same core with high priority than myApp. How ...
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What makes a program load so fast?

What makes programs like st, zathura, sxiv, and feh load instantly and what makes programs like VS Code and Google Chrome load so slowly in low-spec computers? For example, I have a low-spec laptop ...
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Feasibility of adding drivers to linux kernel

I have question regarding Linux kernel , as far as I understand, to make Linux compatible with different machines and hardware , different device driver is added to the Linux . I want to ask how much ...
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Would we need Docker if applications were better behaved?

A well-written program will be configurable. It will have a configuration file or database which specifies where to look for files, which network ports to open etc. An Operating System lets many ...
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How to Write Pure Machine Code for Linux?

I'm writing a compiler, and I want it to compile to a native executable (just Linux, for now). I don't want it to be Assembly, it needs to be PURE machine code. Can anyone point me in the right ...
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How to Create an Application on Linux? [closed]

I want to create a program for the Linux OS in Haskell with multiple .hs files. I don't need help with the code or compiling it, what I don't know how to do is create an application that can be called ...
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Interested in contributing to ChromiumOS: What steps should I take to prepare? [closed]

I'm a hobbyist developer of 16 years and would like to start contributing to the ChromiumOS project. I have extensive experience in developing for mobile and embedded devices, so my skill set is ...
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Developing for a wide variety of Linux Desktops

I haven't developed any production applications for the Linux OS. There are a couple of things that bother me: As I understand different distros have different set of libraries Debian vs RPM packages ...
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No TDD For Linux? [duplicate]

I'm a long-time Java developer who's trying to make up his own mind about TDD. I've used JUnit since I first discovered it in 1998. I use it regularly, but I don't subscribe to "write the test first"...
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Why isn't there generic batching syscall in Linux/BSD?

Background: System call overhead is much larger than function call overhead (estimates range from 20-100x) mostly due to context switching from user space to kernel space and back. It is common to ...
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Golang Testing Process [closed]

I am new to golang and RunC and now doing some research on it as a part of my intership. What kind of contents do the ' _test.go ' functions check during testing a program or a container with Golang (...
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Linux kernel development

I am trying to understand the linux kernel and there is one thing that is puzzling me for quite a while. As linux is used across variety of platforms (like smartphones,desktop,supercomputers etc) and ...
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What is the best way to deploy commercial programs on Linux? [closed]

Due to the diversity of Linux distributions, it is quite common for programs to be distributed in source format together with scripts in order to assist the configure, make, make install sequence. ...
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How is the Linux repository administrated?

I am amazed by the Linux project and I would like to learn how they administrate the code, given the huge number of developers. I found the Linux repository on GitHub, but I do not understand how it ...
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What is a zombie process or thread?

What is a zombie process or thread, and what creates them? Do I just kill them, or can I do something to get diagnostics about how they died?
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Linux OS developers : do they unit test their code? [closed]

Linux OS developers : do they unit test their code ? If yes : since this OS is coded in C, how do they manage to write effectively unit tests in this language ? what are the "zones" in OS where ...
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How to make custom libraries accessible? [closed]

I am trying to compile and install every custom module under it's own designated folder. (ex: /myApps/myLinux/compiled_app) I had luck with Python so far, where my Python is compiled from source and ...
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Process monitoring in Linux environment?

I'm trying to write a multi threaded/processes application and it need to know how to monitor a process from another process all the time. So here is what I have, I have a 2 processes, each with ...
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Programming your own linux distribution? [closed]

So, during the couple of days I've been thinking what it takes to make your own linux distribution. Where should I actually start? I'd like to have some very basic tips for this. I consider myself a ...
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Which Linux distro to pick for volunteering? [closed]

The number of Linux distributions is large. Someone wanting to volunteer with one of them might have a hard time picking between them, because it's hard to sense the culture, environment, and level ...
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What development tools would you recommend for developing .NET apps in Mono that would give me the same productivity boost as Resharper?

Aside from using IDEs such as MonoDevelop, what combination of tools do you use in Mono development to give you the same productivity boost that one would normally gain by using R# in VS2010? EDIT: I'...
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