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Load-testing tag is for issues relating to the setting up or running of load tests.

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load testing - spike vs stress to determine performance

During the course of my load testing journey, I'm doing mostly spike test on the SUT(System Under Test). We gradually dial up the number of users hitting the server, from 10, 100, 1000. And we log the ...
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How to load test Publisher/Subscribing queue?

I am trying to load test a queue that works on a pub sub pattern and can't figure out how response time is to be calculate and the TPS(transactions per second). Problem statement : The pub sub ...
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.NET Core: Does sending the same request multiple times as part of a stress test/load test make the test unreliable?

I've got a .NET Core application that takes HTTP requests. I'm a little bored, so I decided to stress-test it using West Wind Web Surge, and putting an example request as the body. My question is, ...
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How to include 100k+ users performance tests on a CI pipeline

I'm currently working on a architectural design for the testing of a product that's estimated to have over 100k simultaneous user hits. For the product specification, I'm including continuous ...
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Is it feasible to scale UI automation tests for load testing a web application?

We have UI automation test framework based on selenium web driver. We are in the early stages of building out load tests and are wondering if it is possible or recommended to use a browser based UI ...
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Load testing HTTP server with large number of concurrent connections

I'm trying to load test/benchmark a http server with a very large number of simultaneous connections (10-100k). What is a good procedure for doing this? On linux I've seen that both the client and ...
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How can I test my application for load balancing?

We are looking to implement a load balancer that will serve requests between 2 IIS servers. I have been tasked with the project of making sure that it is a seamless integration, but I don't have load ...
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How to slowly release a web application to more and more users so that too many concurrent users don't crash your site?

I have a web application that I expect to go viral pretty quickly. How can I control traffic to it so that it doesn't crash under too much load? This application doesn't require user login. It will ...
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How concerned about load balancing do I need to be?

I'm currently working on a project which will have client applications (desktop & android & web) communicate with varies processes running on a server(s). My question is how much should I be ...
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Load testing : how to generate per second requests?

I have a server component which runs over Zeroc-ICE. When I wanted to load test it, I thought that using parallel library to create multiple requests would do it. But it dint end up that way. Using ...
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Is there any way to test how will the site perform under load

I have made an MVC website and hosted it on a shared hosting provider. Since my website surrounds a very generic idea, it might have number of concurrent users sometime in future. So, I was ...
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How to speed up PHP powered websites? [closed]

Many people are talking about somethings like accelerator, opcode, etc to speed up a website's performance. To be honest I do not know how to make any PHP website perform well and when do I need to ...
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Using JMeter with a utility that does not support proxies

Currently I'm checking some client and server software and I wish to expand the testing coverage for it. Specifically I want to increase the quality of the load and stress testing that is performed so ...
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Visual Studio Load Tests Virtual Users Simulation

I'm currently working on writing a load testing application that takes advantage of Load Test using Visual Studio 2010. The load test will simulate 20 users on the same machine, and I need some data ...
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Load Test Methodology for a cache

I'm currently writing a load test for a cache which should test how a cache will react to persistent requests. A colleague and I had differing opinions on how this load testing should be performed. I ...
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