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Questions tagged [loc]

Lines-of-Code, a questionable but oft-cited metric for measuring a given application based on the volume of source code.

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3 answers

Number of lines of code executed per line of code: Are there significant differences per language? [closed]

Having fewer lines of code per feature is typically better as it increases the developer productivity. Did anyone ever measure the number of code lines executions per line of code across multiple ...
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In a language interpreted line by line - is optimizing similar lines of code within a module into functions better in terms of efficiency? [duplicate]

While writing python code (I write python-selenium for GUI automation), I am facing situations wheer I have to deal with 5 widgets that do the same thing, just there xpath is differs by one term. # ...
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4 answers

Is using KLOC just to normalize size of projects still bad? [closed]

I know many despise KLOC as some managers attempt to correlate that with productivity. But when we speak only comparing sizes of projects using the same languages and coding standards as well as the ...
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2 answers

Relation between LOC and Cyclomatic Complexity

Is there something that ratio of the metrics LOC and Sum Cyclomatic Complexity in a project with many modules can talk about? Does it show the logical complexity of a module/project?
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Source file shouldn't be more than 100 SLOC [closed]

I just started working on a baseline that is rooted in Ada. Many of the older Ada programmers insist that the source files shouldn't be more than 100 SLOC. I researched this online and I have not ...
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2 answers

Relation between " lines of the longest working program " in a language and familiarity with it? [closed]

In some computer master program online application, it says: Please list the programming languages in which you have written programs. For each language, indicate the length in lines of the ...
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Is 500 million lines of code even remotely possible? [closed]

The New York Times is reporting that the website contains "about 500 million lines of software code." This number, attributed to "one specialist", and widely repeated across the ...
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