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Design Question: Compression with Fast Lookup

I have a multiple files (one per CountryCode) which all get ~5000 entries added to it per day. Each entry in the file looks like (256chars max): {countryCode_customerId:{"ownerId": "...
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Best way to lookup cities/provinces and regions

I have a multi-language web site. On the web site, users can search products and services by geographic areas. I am asking which is best approach to performs search of geographic areas. In this ...
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Multilingual reference/lookup tables and reference tables with enums

I will use the reference tables for the first time so I have some questions about it. Example Table ------------------------ id | description | ------------------------ 1 | Some description1 |...
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Lookup code tables in DDD

I'm curious on the best way to handle lookup-type codes that can be shared across bounded contexts. For instance, state codes, or business-specific type codes that might be used in more than one ...
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Reverse lookup of data based on user input

I have an array in the format: $array = array( 0 => array( 'name' => 'Item 1', 'level' => 1, 'points' => 10 ), 1 => array( 'name' => '...
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3 answers

Is this a good solution for deactivating key value pairs?

A (relatively) simple CRUD application on which I work has a lookup table which holds key-value pairs, some of which have child key-value pairs. These are used mainly in drop-down lists on the ...
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2 answers

Is there a key/key lookup table type provided in .NET?

It seems like a pretty straightforward thing to add, but I just want to be sure .NET doesn't already provide one and save me from adding unnecessary code: I need a lookup table (like a Dictionary) ...
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Integer Map Algorithm [closed]

For my project, I need to map integers so that inputting int X will output int Y where both X and Y are defined during runtime. I've used Dictionary<int,int> in .NET but its memory use is too ...
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3 answers

Why should I use lookup tables at all?

This question confirmed, what I was already aware of -- instead of directly storing strings in table, I should rather use integers or enums and join them with lookup table, to get, as a result, string,...
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Any good data structure to perform efficient lookup and modification operations about what are the shapes containing the current cursor position

I think I'm facing a pretty common issue but cannot remember which solution is the most suitable one. Let's put it that way: I can, in a, certain, given, language get some events anytime the user is ...
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Can someone please explain reverse look up tables? [closed]

Im finding it difficult to understand reverse look up tables and how it works, and the concept of hash chains. This is apart of a computer security model i am taking. So i understand that brute force, ...
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Best practices for lookup tables in the application - by id or value

I have a complex database application. There are a lot of lookup tables containing a few values, in particular one contains pass / fail / waiting / unknown. In the application I find many of the ...
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