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"Mac" is short for "Macintosh", the name of a line of personal computers produced by Apple, Inc.

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How do different operating systems have different window layouts? [closed]

I have searched on the Internet on how do operating systems have different window layouts, but I have found nothing. Windows has one style, Mac OS has another, and Linux has a different style as well. ...
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How is it that reference counting is faster on Apple silicon Intel translation than on Intel?

I can't find the exact tweet, but it was stated by Apple engineers that the retain and release operations are faster on Intel x86 translation than on standard Intel x86.
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How can a mobile app measure the phone's rough distance with the user's laptop?

I have a mobile app (iOS and android compatible) that needs to know if it's far or close to the user's laptop/ desktop (e.g. whether it's within 5 meters or not). I need to make it secure such that ...
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Malloc vs variable length array?

In general, should I use variable length arrays or malloc? In my specific case I am processing files of very short to very large sizes. Also if I compile on version MacOS 10.15, and then run on 10.13, ...
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Big MacOS Install PKG Versus Downloads

I am creating software in MacOS that has over 10GB of assets associated with it. I can create a pkg that properly installs these but I have two problems. First, the notorization process required for ...
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Best Practices for AppleScript Records

Not sure this is quite the right question for here, but here goes. Apologies if I'm wrong on that. Summary // In general, is a Plist the best way to store and recall data that will be frequently ...
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Distributing a Java application on macOS

I have developed a Java application for both Windows and MacOS. The application requires 2 separate jar files, 1 for the main application and then another is used to download and apply updates. This ...
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Building native iOS app that runs on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Since Apple introduced Catalyst ealier this year during WWDC '19 it becomes possible to have a single codebase for an app that runs on iPads and Macs. Already for a long time it was possible to ...
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How did heavy software in the early days managed to run on 4MB RAM computer? [duplicate]

It's no secret that in the early days of computers, they had only 1-4MB of RAM. I found an article stating you needed only 4MB of RAM to run Word, Excel and PowerPoint simultaneously. How was that ...
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When working in a multi operating system team, what are some of the pitfalls to bear in mind?

I'm working in a team where there are several different OS present (windows, various linux distributions (Ubuntu, Mint) as well as Macintosh). Projects are passed around and we have already come ...
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Is it true that Linux and Mac OS programs' source are interchangeable? [closed]

Is it true that most of the times source code for Linux programs can be compiled into Mac OS programs and vice versa?
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What computers did the original Mac team use for development?

There's a passage in Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs where Jobs moves Andy Hertzfeld to the Mac team by unplugging his computer and driving it over to the Mac building. This got me ...
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Difference in endianness between operating systems [closed]

There is an assembler that I am writing that is located within the file asm.c located in this repository. It uses the instruction set located in the specs file to produce an output binary. (The ...
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Can I write a cross-platform application (Mac and Windows) using C#? [closed]

I see lots of old information on this question, and lots of articles flying around the Interwebs, but I can't tell quite where things are at. Basically, I want to write C# code that I can then compile ...
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Mac OS X preferences saving, when to apply/save changes made by user [closed]

It is typical for Mac OS X apps to have preferences that apply seamlessly, and preferences dialogs don't have "OK" or "Apply" button. I want to implement this behavior in my project, but I can't ...
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Smart fallback for line endings in code files? [closed]

What do you recommend as a default fallback for line endings if the operating system cannot be determined? Example Mac OS up to version 9 uses carriage returns (\r) for line endings. Unix-like ...
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Do iOS frameworks require the same internal versioning as OSX frameworks?

I have been reading through the apple documentation for creating frameworks for OSX and iOS. Reading about the structure of frameworks, I began to wonder if there is really any need to create the ...
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Why don't developers make installation wizards on linux? [closed]

I'm sure it's not about laziness or anything like that but I fail to understand why developers of even mainly consumer facing apps don't make any sort of installation wizard where you go next-next-...
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What are the limits of using OS X when it comes to compiling and running CLI-based tools and scripts that were written with Linux in mind?

I run little scientific scripts and C tools on OS X from time to time. For the C tools, I just download the source and compile using the provided Makefile. I usually don't have any problems when using ...
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Is it possible to use the framework behind Metro UI to make Exposé?

Is it possible to use the framework behind the Windows 8 Metro UI to make Exposé-like application for Windows? I tried Mac and I really like this feature, on another side i like that I can drag the ...
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How can a website look different in safari Windows and Safari mac?

I have a website. I've been testing crossbrowser on my windows PC, and it looks good in all browsers, but on Mac in Safari it looks like the CSS is not getting interpreted right, or there is a ...
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Deploying Qt-based app on Mac OS X

I wrote a cross platform application and I distributed it successfully for Windows and Linux (and tested them on "clean" virtual systems, with no other additional software and/or libraries installed). ...
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Java Program That Notifies When Camera is Being Accessed

I'm trying to find a developer to write me a pretty basic program. I am also a developer, but don't have enough time to write it myself. This program has a pretty basic function. It will notify ...
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Can I create and publish an iPhone app by building it in a second hand Mac?

I have never published an app to app store. I have a chance to buy an apple mac from someone. Is it possible to use that to publish to app store? What if the first owner was also a developer? If ...
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Is the carriage-return char considered obsolete

I wrote an open source library that parses structured data but intentionally left out carriage-return detection because I don't see the point. It adds additional complexity and overhead for little/no ...
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How to set up a personal Apple developer account now with an eye on transferring app ownership to a company later? [closed]

I have two Mac applications that I wrote for my own personal use, but I'm considering polishing them up and giving selling them on the Mac App Store a try. It seemed very premature to consider what ...
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How to decide how backward-compatible my new Mac OS X application should be?

I'm currently contemplating writing an OS X version of my Windows software. My Windows application still supports Windows XP, and I know that if I drop support for it now, our customers will cry ...
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Mac Developer Library Download

I'm not sure which SE site this belonged on, so I figured I'd try this one. Whenever I browser the Mac Developer Library at, on the top right of the window, there's a link for a ...
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Why use Pascal with Cocoa/Cocoa Touch?

I'm surprised to find that it might be possible to use Pascal with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. This is an interesting turn of events, as Pascal was the favored language for Mac development ...
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Where is the best place to store code on a Mac? [closed]

I've started toying with some Mac development and wonder where the best place to store the code is? Generally on my windows box, I'd store all my code in c:\Code\ On the Mac it's in /Users/Liam/Code/...
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What do I need to consider when using code under the Apache License in an application submitted to Mac App Store?

First off, I am new to licenses and app stores. There is an example app on a framework that has a Class file with much of the functionality I'll need for my own app. It's less than 1000 lines of code ...
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planning the same app for both OSX and iOS

I would like to ask which is the best strategy for creating an application that will be developed both on Mac and iPad, so to make minumum effort to port it from one platform to the other, starting ...
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How big a problem is Qt's cross-platform GUI? [closed]

I read something on this site saying that Qt's GUI being a big problem that stop programmers from using Qt. They say the problem is that the GUI don't look native, and they are inconsistent. I ...
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Most "native"/integrated functional language for Mac OS X development?

If one views the CLR/.NET runtime and associated libraries as the future of windows, then the F# programming language could be seen in that light as the most native functional language. Meaning that ...
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How can a Silverlight app talk to another app on a Mac?

Is there any way that a Silverlight out-of-browser app can communicate with another app (for example an Objective-C app) installed on a Mac? Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.
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Cocoa Applications: Use custom preference dialog or system preference app?

When writing Cocoa Applications for MacOSX, you have the choice of either having a custom preference dialog, or using the to manage your preferences. Functionality wise, there is no ...
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What's the Best way to create a trial version of software for OS X? [closed]

I am having someone develop a program for me and I want to sell it for like $10. I was wondering what's the best way to create a trial version that I can tell my programmer to do. Like 30 day trial. ...
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Vim key mappings / plugin XCode?

I'm a developer who mostly does web stuff in ruby and C#. I'd like to start tinkering with iOS and Mac development. Over the last few month i've been trying to get fluent in one set of key bindings (...
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Is it legal to distribute a GPLv3 licensed binary through the apples' app store?

I wrote a small multiplatform app and I am considering publishing the osx version in apple store. I've licensed the app under a GPLv3 license. I sort of like the GPLv3 license but I also like the ...
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What is the genesis of the "Golden Master" term?

The name "Golden Master" evokes a level of martial arts proficiency or maybe even a final cut of a film. I think context clues provide adequate explanation of a Golden Master release. I would define ...
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I want to write a Todo list application for mac but I only have experience with C++ [closed]

Do I learn objective C? Is using Cocoa the easiest and best way to make a UI?
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Why do programmers use or recommend Mac OS X? [closed]

I've worked on both Mac and Windows for awhile. However, I'm still having a hard time understanding why programmers enthusiastically choose Mac OS X over Windows and Linux? I know that there are ...
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Converting to a mac-book pro for multi disciplined development [closed]

I am in a bit of a bind. I have been contracted to create a small suite of applications for Android, iOS and WP7. Currently I am also on the market for a new notebook for development. Now the issue I ...
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Is there a supported way to run .NET 4.0 applications natively on a Mac?

What, if any, are the Microsoft supported options for running C#/.NET 4.0 code natively on the Mac? Yes, I know about Mono, but among other things, it lags Microsoft. And Silverlight only works in a ...
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Why do many people think Mac will become a closed platform because of the App Store? [closed]

Isn't the App Store basically just Steam but for general applications?
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Best IDE for HTML, CSS, and Javascript for mac [closed]

I'm currently looking to move to using an IDE for web development. The options I'm considering are: Aptana Studio Coda Expresso Please base your answers on the following criteria, in descending ...
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