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The activities that occur after deployment of a software system. This includes making modifications to released systems, training, operating, and transitioning to support organizations.

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Code duplication with no obvious abstraction

Have you ever encountered a case of code duplication where, upon looking at the lines of code, you couldn't fit a thematic abstraction to it that faithfully describes its role in the logic? And what ...
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Maintainability of Boolean logic - Is nesting if statements needed?

Which of these is better for maintainability? if (byteArrayVariable != null) if (byteArrayVariable .Length != 0) //Do something with byteArrayVariable OR if ((byteArrayVariable != ...
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Graduate expectations versus reality [closed]

When choosing what we want to study, and do with our careers and lives, we all have some expectations of what it is going to be like. Now that I've been in the industry for almost a decade, I've been ...
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In the aggregate: how will we maintain legacy systems? [closed]

NEW YORK - With a blast that made skyscrapers tremble, an 83-year-old steam pipe sent a powerful message that the miles of tubes, wires and iron beneath New York and other U.S. cities are ...
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How do people manage to write and maintain extremely complex and hard to read code? [closed]

Reading SQLite source code is IMO mission impossible. Yet it is a usable piece of quite complex software (it's a full-blown embedded database after all) that can be downloaded, compiled and used from ...
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How do you dive into large code bases?

What tools and techniques do you use for exploring and learning an unknown code base? I am thinking of tools like grep, ctags, unit-tests, functional test, class-diagram generators, call graphs, ...
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What mistakes do your users make, and how can you update your application to handle them? [closed]

In fact this question is about cautions to be taken to enhance quality user experience and reduce avoidable support calls.
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