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Code that harms the system, data, or private information. Viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. are forms of malicious code.

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How does antivirus software protect itself from malware?

How does antivirus protect itself from malware? Some types of malware will kill the running processes and since antivirus is just another software like any other why they can't just kill the antivirus ...
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What cookies are sent to the server during an API call?

I have tried to look this up online a lot but have found no concrete explanation that answers my question hence hoping someone can help me answer my question—- My question revolves around cookies and ...
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How do projects manage security with so many dependencies in open source projects?

Some node.js libraries (just as an example) can pull in literally hundreds of dependencies. Some of these dependencies are small packages that only have one contributor. Often times the contributor ...
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Why are eval-like features considered evil, in contrast to other possibly harmful features?

Most modern languages (which are somehow interpreted) have some kind of eval function. Such a function executes arbitrary language code, most of the time passed as the main argument as a string (...
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Is parsing a submitted JSON object safe?

I have a RESTful API, built in NODE.js that does what you would expect it to: consumes data and then makes it accessible. Currently, data being submitted to my server is nested form data: data[0][...
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Avoid malicious code while dynamically loading classes with ClassLoader

Background One of the advantages of decoupled components in systems is that you can extend the system without having to touch the existing code. Sometimes you don't even have to recompile the old ...
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