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Questions tagged [managed-code]

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5 votes
1 answer

How to separate "unmanaged" and "managed" code in my C++/CLI project

I am developing a project using C++/CLI and WinForms. It is a geometry project, which is why I have to use C++/CLI, because of the C++ geometry library CGAL. I chose to use WinForms for the UI because ...
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1 answer

Writing tool to make large number of http requests with sub second accuracy

I'm pondering a project in which one component needs to make a large number of http requests at accurate times. It should, let's say, release a set of 'dozens to hundreds' of requests at 1 second ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Managed code: could GC be taken care of during compile time?

Garbage collection happens during runtime, real time, while managed code is running. In C++ however, we need to write destruct statements into the code. So we could say that GC is built into the code (...
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14 votes
3 answers

What is an "application model"?

Currently I'm studying .NET Core and in the early docs which first introduced .NET Core we see that talk about the many different verticals. This can be seem in this picture: In all the verticals we ...
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Writing shell extensions in C#: What are the risks?

Raymond Chen said in 2006 and repeated in 2013: Do not write in-process shell extensions in managed code But I am perplex since there even is a library which is exclusively dedicated to writing ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Advantages of unmanaged code [closed]

tl;dr: Why would I ever choose to write/compile unmanaged1 code? Lets assume that I am starting a new project. I have decided to write in a C-like language - probably one of C, C++, C# or Java. C# ...
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2 answers

How does the Common Language Runtime improve performance? [duplicate]

I read on the wikipedia article for Common Language Runtime that one of the benefits that the runtime provides is "Performance improvements". Executing managed code (Or bytecode) must surely always ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Adding explicit interfaces to Legacy managed C++ code

I have a bit of a challenge and I am not sure how to approach this. We have a very very large project (that is about 5 years old). The code base is HUGE so a full refactor is out of the question. ...
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23 votes
4 answers

Managed Languages vs Compiled Language difference?

I get confused when people try to make a distinction between compiled languages and managed languages. From experience, I understand that most consider compiled languages to be C,C++ while managed ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Do you get the benefits of a B-Tree in a managed language?

My understanding is that one of the key features of a B-Tree (and a B+Tree) is that it is designed such that the size of its nodes are some multiple of the block size of whatever media the data is ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Do You Have To Know CIL To Make A Compiler for .NET?

Assume one wants to create a simple .NET language, or slightly more difficult, a compiler for an existing .NET language. Do you absolutely need to be familiar with the CIL (Common Intermediate ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Do you think managed OSes are a good idea? [closed]

Managed OSes like Microsoft Singularity and JNode are quite an interesting concept. Essentially, the OS is bootstrapped with code written in a low-level language (C/C++/Assembly), which essentially ...
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