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How to produce different versions of a software manual from the same MS Word document? [closed]

I am trying to create different versions of a software manual from a single source which is in MS Word format. Is it possible to do this algorithmically or must it be done manually for every version? ...
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Writing a company-wide developer's handbook

I work for a small company. The software development arm of the company before I was hired consisted of one self-taught overworked guy. Now that I've been writing software for the company for a few ...
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PDF help in the software manual

Just need a bit of advice here, if we embed Adobe Reader as an activex control, as well as have a fallback PDF viewer (in case the user doesn't have Adobe Reader installed) would it be wiser to put ...
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Software Manual - Where to start [closed]

Are there any software packages out there for generating a nice looking users manual for small projects? I'm not talking about source documentation. I want to create an end users manual that doesn't ...
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Good way to document your software (product)? [closed]

Different from Fastest way to document software architecture and design. I'd like to write a manual for my software which includes Command line usage Howtos/Tutorials on using the software Example ...
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Manuals - How Up To Date?

If you have a product that has been in the market for a long time, but it is still in active development daily - how often should the manuals be updated? If your users are constantly updated to the ...
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