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Find circular references of first order (bi-directional referencing)

I have million of objects, each with an array smaller than 10 elements, which are the names of other objects in the dataset. Basically { a:[b,c,d,], b:[c,d,e], c:[a,e,f], ... e:[a,b,c] } will ...
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MongoDB mapreduce

I'm new to programming and mongoDB and learning as I go, I'm attempting a mapreduce on a dataset using mongoDB. So far I've converted the csv to json and imported it into a mongoDB using compass. In ...
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Is mapreduce just distributed merge-sort?

Both basically have 2 parts: Part 1: Divide up your data into many smaller parts that is small enough for you to work on each individually. Part 2: Merge the results from all the small parts to ...
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Is MapReduce a correct framework for Extract, Transform, Load of data?

EDIT I am working on a project to update a legacy ETL infrastructure that supports a number of clients, each with a slightly different setup. Constraints that cannot be changed: Source data can ...
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Reduce Operations on Distributed Databases

I would like to ask you about optimizing reduce operations (e.g. count) on multiple databases. Let's say there is a user table that is stored in various countries and sharding is made based on the ...
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