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According to Wikipedia, Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.

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Perfect product vs progressive releases

There can be some approaches regarding releasing a software product: Perfection before launch to generate a technical gap with rivals Progressive frequent releases and getting user feedback ...? ...
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How to introduce Cloud and DevOps in an organisation that is conservative in nature? [closed]

I am a senior software developer, once also worked for a big consulting house. I have been using various cloud services for many years and DevOps is already in my blood. Recently I moved into ...
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Affiliate Marketing - How to track all sales on 3rd party website made via my application

I'm looking forward to the possibility of an algorithm or a way to track how much sale has been made on 3rd party's website because of my client so I can get the commission. For example if a user "A" ...
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Writing software from scratch in business [closed]

I'm a programmer with ten years of experience. I've worked as full time programmer in 2 companies in these ten years as a software developer. I have always loved to have my own business. My question ...
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Importance of storage in c++ [closed]

I want to know that whether storage is an issue with respect to current hardware and software market when we talk about the large size of C++ programs?? Because in certain conditions we have to choose ...
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Architecture of modular software application

For this question, let's assume the following: OOP design principles are being followed. Modules generally do not consume more than one general concern, but different business purposes. Hybrid ...
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How to make an open source project popular? [closed]

I have recently started a project, a CSS/JS library, on Github. I'm already pretty far with it and was wondering: How do I make it popular? How did other libraries that are very famous now, like ...
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Generating a custom widget that users can embed into their external website based on my server data which changes periodically

I'm deciding on how to generate the code to allow users generate an embeddable widget (much like the StackOverflow badge) into external websites. The content of the embedded widget will periodically ...
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May I make an installer bundle GPL and payware together?

I have an affiliate marketing client who needs to know if I can program this. Can I do one or both of the following scenarios without violating the GPL license? Scenario A: Make a software installer ...
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I've released a software product - how do I maximize exposure given no budget and limited time?

I'd like to reach out to the community on this one. As a software developer, I'm not an expert salesperson or marketing guru - I think in code and not much else. Most developers I come across are ...
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Are detailed style requirements inappropriate from Marketing?

I'm working on the UI-side of a project which is under intense scrutiny by our Marketing group. Most of the time, we're reviewing functionality requirements. Once in a while, however, they will get ...
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Trial/Free & Full Version VS. Free App + In-app billing?

I'm just wondering what would be the best strategy to publish an application on the Android Market. If you have a free and paid version you have two codes to update (I know it will be 99% the same ...
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Should the internal naming (classes, methods, database tables, etc) of entities be changed if the marketing and UI naming changes?

We've had a long living product for about 8 years now. Over time, the names of concepts and entities change. Should we put the work in to rename all the code base and database tables and columns to ...
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What is the industry term for those "earn credit by affiliates" programs in iPhone/Android/etc games?

In iPhone, Android, and other gaming platforms you can sometimes earn credit by installing other games, going to someones website, even signing up for a credit card. For iPhone, for example, there ...
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Can we price a software based on its lines count, language, technology and stuff like that? [closed]

Recently a friend of mine bought an inventory application from a vendor, who used an statement like "built based on 10000 lines of codes" as a marketing slogan to increase its market share. I've also ...
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Online Advertising And Marketing Your Services?

I have been working on freelance sites for a good 4 or 5 years, bending over backwards to build a decent portfolio and generate great ratings. I take huge pride in my work (web applications). I'm ...
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What makes it hard to monetize browser extensions? [closed]

With the monetization of mobile apps being so popular, I'm surprised that extension developers are still mostly relying on donations as their primary form of compensation for their software. While ...
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Which websites to use for presenting free open source applications?

After releasing a new free open source application, I would like to present it to as many people as possible. What are web sites (directories) which one should use to present free open source ...
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Naming your software and uniqueness [closed]

When it comes to naming your software product (whether an application or a library), what do you do? It seems impossible to choose a name which isn't already taken by some other piece of software, ...
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If you have designed (and implemented) a programming language, what to do to make it gain attention/popularity? [closed]

Let's say you have created a programming language, maybe because there was a problem which was unfeasible to try to solve using existing languages, what would you do to market it (and so on) in order ...
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Where to find clients? [closed]

My main area: web development. Of course, I don't expect anybody give away their 'gold mine' or whatever but I am struggling to see where I should be advertising my services. I have one other ...
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Where Can I List My Opensource Project? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I get the word out about a new (open-source) library I've developed? I have hosted my latest project, a JVM-based MIDI processor/API called Mjdj MIDI Morph, on ...
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What are the most over-saturated iPhone App category/markets? [closed]

I'm considering learning iPhone development and Objective C but don't want to avoid developing something for the most saturated markets and app categories. What categories should I avoid? Are there ...
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