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What would be the performant approach to parsing a _limited subset_ of Markdown? [closed]

There are plenty of articles about parsing full Markdown/CommonMark/etc, but I'm interested only in a specific limited subset, so I'm wondering if a better approach is available to me, and would much ...
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Writing a blog post website with markdown

so I'm working on a website project with the goal of writing my own blog posts with markdown syntax. I made some thoughts regarding the handling of the markdown and the conversion to HTML, storage ...
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Are there good reasons for avoiding the use of semantic HTML markup?

Background I have recently taken up a new job as a developer at a company where I have inherited an in-house CMS built approximately 5 years ago. The CMS constructs pages in XML which are then output ...
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What terms are used to differentiate the two xml forms, "<element></element>" and "<element/>"?

I'm writing a boolean that will toggle between these two forms for writing markup into my strings, but I do not know what I should name my boolean. bool setMarkupForm(bool markupForm); Is not ...
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Why is XML called a "language" exactly?

I've been wondering why XML has an L in its name. By itself, XML doesn't "do" anything. It's just a data storage format, not a language! Languages "do" things. The way you get XML to "do" stuff, to ...
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Why is it non-trivial to write mathematics on the web? [closed]

I wanted to write a readable fraction with html and found it non-trivial and not portable. Why is it not very easy to write mathematical formulas with html and why has it taken so long to include ...
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Semantics of heading levels in multiple sections in HTML5

I'm never quite sure what is the best, most semantic way to handle heading levels in HTML5 markup, when you have multiple sections. On one hand it makes sense to have an H1 heading as a title of a ...
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Programming Language vs Markup Language vs Scripting Language

Up until now I don't know the KEY differences between these three. When someone asks me about this, I only tell them that C# is a programming language, HTML and XML are Markup Languages, and ...
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Do markup languages ​​have the equivalent concept of `semantics` that you can find in C or C++?

Maybe I miss something, but do the so called markup languages have the equivalent concept of semantics that you can find in C or C++? Judging from how you parse the language, you don't really have ...
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What is the best way to keep both html document structure and php control structure strongly visible in complex view file

I create a lot of views in my work as part of the common MVC pattern applied in web frameworks like Code Igniter and Cake. I also adhere to the following maxim as best I can: fat models and library ...
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Why are <section>, <header> and <footer> tags not used much when I see sites that are in HTML 5? [closed]

I've noticed that even when a websites front end is coded in HTML 5 as evidenced by the <!DOCTYPE html>, people rarely seem to use the new HTML 5 <section>, <header> and <footer&...
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Storing in-text metadata in a discrete data structure

I am developing an application which will need to store inline, intext metadata. What I mean by that is the following: let's say we have a long text, and we want to store some metadata connected with ...
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I've been told HTML is a markup language, C++ is a programming language, what could make that difference?

My programming friends are always telling me that HTML is a markup language and C++ is a programming language. When I ask them what's the difference, they never give me a reasonable answer. What ...
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Wiki/markup in enterprise as documentation [closed]

Why it is less common to use wiki/markup in enterprise as documentation? They use Word document instead. Wiki/markup are in text format, which is version control friendly.
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Convert plain text to a pdf template

I have some articles (more than 200 pages) in plain text. It needs to be converted to an given PDF markup. I got some Photoshop files for the headers for every page and a list of requirements for the ...
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Why is semantic markup given more weight for search engines?

This question follows directly from the part of an answer of this question - Why would one bother marking up properly and semantically? . I would like to understand why SEO techniques gives more ...
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Why would one bother marking up properly and semantically?

Note that I (try) to mark up as semantically as possible because I like they way it looks and feels, but not because I'm aware of any other stunning advantages. The point of my question is to be able ...
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Suggestions for a CMS markup language for PHP [closed]

As a learning experience, and as project, I am attempting to write a CMS module for ZF2. One of the functionality I would like to have is the possibility of adding dynamic contents in the pages by ...
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Ideal way to define a table or grid in XML?

HTML <table border="1" width="400"> <tr> <th>Month</th> <th>Savings</th> </tr> <tr> <td>January</td> <td>$100&...
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