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According to Wikipedia, Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a software development methodology which focuses on creating and exploiting domain models (that is, abstract representations of the knowledge and activities that govern a particular application domain), rather than on the computing (f.e. algorithmic) concepts.

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Given an software example in MDE, would not the model always be a UML model?

I have just started learning about model-driven engineering. But I have a hard time to grasp the different model levels, given software example. Would not the model always be represented in a UML ...
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How to report multiple errors as a result of validation?

I have a class that transforms a complex model, for example an abstract syntax tree or intermediate model. The model can be either valid, invalid or partially invalid, i.e. it contains errors but some ...
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UML modelling semantics

In today's lecture about Modelling techniques with respect to MDD using UML the lecturer stated that it's absolutely necessary to give a (possibly) textual description about the semantics of each ...
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Extending Composite Structure model generally/in Enterprise Architect

I'm currently on a project, which integrates domain specific techniques in the modelling tool Enterprise Architect through UML Profiles. The domain specfic model almost matches the structure of the ...
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What are the main differences between FUML and the Executable UML profile? [closed]

I'd like to know what are the main difference between the Foundational Subset for Executable UML models and the Executable UML profile (which followed the Schlaer-Mellor methodology). Thank you
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"UML is the worst thing to ever happen to MDD." Why?

William Cook in a tweet wrote that: "UML is the worst thing to ever happen to MDD. Fortunately many people now realize this ..." I would like to know the reasoning behind that claim (apparently, I'...
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Open source projects and MDD?

Model-driven development seems to have a lot of buzz in certain software engineering circles, but I've never encountered an open source MDD projects "in the wild". Are any open source projects using ...
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What's the real benefit of meta-modeling?

After reading several texts about meta-modeling I still do not really get the practical benefit. Sometimes I think it is only an interesting mind game but no useful tool. Sure it is wise to clarify ...
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Is defining every method/state per object in a series of UML diagrams representative of MDA in general?

I am currently working on a project where we use a framework that combines code generation and ORM together with UML to develop software. Methods are added to UML classes and are generated into ...
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Why aren't we all doing model driven development yet? [closed]

I am a true believer in Model Driven Development, I think it has the possibility to increase productivity, quality and predictability. When looking at MetaEdit the results are amazing. Mendix in the ...
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Is a Model Driven Architecture in Language Oriented Programming (MPS) feasible at this time

As a side project I am developing some sort of DSL where I describe a data model, and generate desired code files from it. I believe this is called Model Driven Architecture. My partial existing ...
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Are today's general purpose languages at the right level of abstraction?

Today Uncle Bob Martin, a genuine hero, showed this video In this video Bob Martin claims that our programming languages are at the right level for our problems at this time. One of the reasons I get ...
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