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Moderate discussion on choice of programming language

Assume you have a small set of suitable programming languages (e.g., Python, C++, Julia), a clearly defined task (development of software services in the context of computational sciences), and a team ...
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Should refinement activity be ''locked'' in the calendar? - Must all of the members in the Scrum team participate in it?

We have two-week sprints and our PO organizes grooming activity when it's needed looking after that it should not exceed more than 10% of the development time. Question is: - Should refinement ...
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Scrum daily meetings: difference between Reporting and Check-In?

The "Three Questions" for Scrum dailies sound to me like a perfect instruction, to waste 15 minutes with useless status reporting: What have you completed since the last meeting? What do you plan to ...
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Should Daily Scrums be done in person or in writing?

I have had a discussion with my team about huddles; they want to do the meeting as a report written on slack rather than a face-to-face meeting. They consider that the meeting takes too long (it's 5 ...
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In a Scrum standup, should the discussion of what was done yesterday be limited to tasks on the board or all work done?

I know that Scrum rules in daily standups say that team should only talk about what they did yesterday, what they're doing today, and anything blocking them. Nothing else. But the problem is, ...
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Is there a relation factor between meeting time and saving development time?

I am working on a project and we have regular (usually weekly), informal meetings, where we discuss the status of the project and the GUI of it. I'm the only developer there, the other 4-5 people ...
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When to have bug triage meetings in SCRUM process?

I was reading an article that explains some solutions to the "unpredictable emergencies" situation during Agile sprints. The article suggests having triage to determine if issues are truly emergencies ...
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How does the Scrum Master participate in Daily Stand-Ups?

We have a professional Scrum Master consultant [*] who recently joined our project. Unfortunately, we don't know her name (she never introduced herself to us, she just came in one day and said "we are ...
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What is the purpose of the stand-up and its duration in agile methodologies? [closed]

I used to work in a waterfall methodology and now I am in a team that is following an agile methodology. It seems they are doing it wrong. For example, we have stand-ups that last 25+ minutes daily, ...
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What project meeting structure should a single developer choose?

I am a solo developer working on a decently small project with about 3 other people (non-developers). These other people are involved in the project in non-development ways and one is also my manager. ...
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How to make sprint planning fun

Not only are our sprint planning meetings not fun, they're downright dreadful. The meetings are tedious, and boring, and take forever (a day, but it feels like a lot longer). The developers complain ...
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How to properly conduct a feature development meeting?

I am a Product Manager, under me I have about 10 developers, UX designers and marketers. Marketers research about the demands of features, UX designers providing UI mockups, and develkopers write code....
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Effective team meetings

I'm a team leader of a team of 8 programmers in a company of about 20 technical people. They're working on a range of projects, these projects also involve people from other teams that are outside of ...
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In a team practicing Domain Driven Design, should the whole team participate in Stakeholder meetings?

In my experience, a Software Development Team that comprises: 1 Project Manager 1 Tech Lead 1 - 2 Senior Dev 2 - 3 Junior Dev (Fresh grad) Only the Tech Lead & PM (and/or Senor Dev/s) will ...
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How do I make the most of the chance to meet one on one with a programming guru?

So, I'm not a programmer, though I've been writing code all of my life. As is my habit, I attempt to contact well know experts in almost any domain I find of interest, and interestingly, I get a lot ...
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How can I speed up the process of typing up specification during a meeting with developers? [closed]

I'm studying source code with other developers, and my job is to type up the specifications as the lead programmer describes what each function does. Are there any tips/tricks to doing this faster? a ...
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Handling tough or unexpected technical questions in meetings [closed]

Depending on the project I'm working on, I may be required to attend more meetings with both internal stakeholders or technical management in client companies. During the course of these meetings, ...
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Does it make sense to standardize including a created date and last updated date field on all DB tables?

My boss is currently attempting to apply some development standards to our team, so we had a meeting yesterday to discuss the standards which was mostly going well until she brought up: All DB tables ...
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Can daily reports decrease a developer's productivity? [closed]

In another question, I asked about why developers might don't like daily scrum. We talked to developers and we decided to not hold daily scrum for a while (to give it a try and customized scrum in our ...
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Why and for what reasons developers may not like "daily scrum"? [closed]

There are advantages in holding daily scrum, like: Team get coordinated with each other Everyone knows what amount of task has been done Burndown chart gets more and more complete Task board is ...
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How to run developer team meetings?

Our team of 10 developers meet weekly. The meetings are rather boring and not particularly useful. What format/agenda do you utilize to have good meetings? We meet weekly in the conference room with ...
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Dominant team members in a Scrum team

What would you do in a situation where a team member tries to take responsibilities are not initially assigned to him but to the Scrum Master?
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Topics for development team cross training sessions [closed]

Our team of developers are going to start holding monthly meetings for the purposes of cross training and knowledge improvement. We're looking for ideas for topics to discuss. We've already made a ...
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What's the ideal length of the sprint review/retrospective based on the length of the iteration?

I've been in several projects using scrum now. The length of the sprint review and/or retrospective has varied from client to client, from project to project. Some of the reviews became too long (2 ...
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Feedback on setting up a "Programmer Dojo" -- suggestions?

Looking for a case study, or operational plan for setting up a "programmer/hacker dojo" in the United States. Here's an example of one,; it's possible this info is on their site, but I ...
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Best way to manage minutes of meeting

What is the best way of managing minutes of meeting on daily bases ? Do we have to manage the documents in a repository like VSS or it can be maintained in a excel sheet itself. Kindly share your ...
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Requirment Analysis Communication

Someday s ago we was discussing about the current project, and suddenly sir and my senior started talking about the new feature to add in the project , and i become lost :). i was not able to find how ...
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Daily standups- yea or nay? [closed]

How valuable (or not) do you think daily stand-up meetings are? If you're not familiar with it, this refers to a daily meeting that is part of Scrum adherents (and some other agile methodologies). ...