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Designing multi-user system to allow running updates

I am at the beginning of designing a system to be deployed across a job site, your boring, dime-a-dozen, database server backend multi-client system. One feature that I am very keen to implement in ...
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Hot-patching a server: dynamically loading types from an uploaded assembly

In the current project I'm working on, some of the C# classes are being stored as source code in SQL Server database records, and executed as needed using CSScript. This is being done so that the ...
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how to modularize wcf services?

I am working on a WCF application that supports 4 different applications. lets call those 4 application: App1, App2, App3, and App4. this WCF Application has 4 services. one for each application. 4 ...
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In a module-core program, how should modules interact with each other?

Short background: I'm using MEF/C# for developing a program that has one core (singleton) and multiple MEF parts (I call them modules, each module is a separate assembly with one class that contains ...
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Architecting related products for different markets: MEF?

Hopefully, this question is not too open-ended... I have been tasked with taking a 3 year old application (.NET 4.0, WPF, WCF, EF 4, SQL 2008) that was designed for a very specific market X and "re-...
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How to make an ASP.NET MVC site modular

I'm in the planning stage for an employee intranet system to be built with ASP.NET MVC 4. We'd like the site to consist of separate "modules", each of which provides a different feature: messaging, ...
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MEF & Circular dependencies in MonoDevelop / VS

(I think the problem described below is also affecting VS although I only tested it in MD) I have some trouble regarding circular dependencies. I know they are bad practice and should be avoided. In ...
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Have any of you used MEF to configure Castle Windsor

I am thinking of using MEF to manage the fluent interface on Castle Windsor. Allowing for me to swap out different sections of the system for test and production. Has anyone done this if so how well ...
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Can I use silverlight for building SocialNetworking applicaiton?

I am wondering: how feasible it would be to start developing a social networking website entirely based on silverlight; This has been fairly discussed over the years in favor of HTML. Has something ...
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How are you using the Managed Extensibility Framework?

I have been working with MEF for about 2 weeks. I started thinking about what MEF is for, researching to find out how to use MEF, and finally implementing a Host with 3 modules. The contracts are ...
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