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Is named return good feature for programming language [closed]

I design my own general purpose hobby language right now. I want to implement named returns feature. Here is example of JS code, which looks like named return. const sumAndMinus = (num1, num2) => { ...
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How to make the most out of a beginner-level development team?

I now find myself in a scenario, mentoring no more than 8 beginner-level developers and tasked with the development of a reasonably complex SPA website. It is to be developed using React (which the ...
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How to encourage junior developers to participate in code review?

I'm currently working as a senior dev with 3 juniors below me and have introduced a code review process to help manage the quality of code going into production. I feel its very beneficial for all of ...
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Is it appropriate to ask for mentorship when getting involved with an open source project?

I'm trying to get involved in an open source project and I am feeling a little lost for several reasons: I've been reading the project's mailing list, but its a fairly large and complicated project ...
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How best to involve junior developer in designing an application from scratch? [closed]

We are a team of 3 developers (2 experienced devs and a junior). We just started a brand new project. We've designed the application, concentrated efforts on choosing the right architecture and now ...
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Improving without mentor [closed]

Although I consider myself not much experienced, I keep landing in jobs as the leader somehow (in the current one I am tech director of the company, in a previous one I was the R&D head). I ...
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Is it must for a junior Programmer to have a mentor? [closed]

I am a Jr. ASP.NET/C# Developer and I have been working with a Company for the past 9 months. I have been appointed to try and develop their Legacy System (built in Visual FoxPro) in ASP.NET/C#. I am ...
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How many juniors should a senior mentor? [closed]

Our shop's size increases dynamically, so we are planning to hire a few new junior developers but we would not like to overwhelm the seniors with too much mentoring and training. How many (usually ...
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How to Mentor a Junior Developer

This title is a little broad but I may need to give a little background before I can ask my question properly. I know that similar questions have been asked here already. But in my case I'm not ...
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Should senior programmers be required to take on and mentor a junior developer? [closed]

In a shop that is intended to be tight-knit and supportive, should it be part of the culture that senior developers are paired with junior developers as mentors? Or should this mentoring be something ...
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How to mentor junior programmer who may not be a good fit for programming? [duplicate]

I'm in a bit of a precarious position. I'm working remotely for a client that has recently brought in a junior developer straight out of college into the project. He works physically at their office. ...
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