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Metro, also known as metro-style ui is a design approach which is primary is used in windows mobile 7 apps. Microsoft was pushing this styling on its mobile devices starting from 2009.

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Is it possible to use the framework behind Metro UI to make Exposé?

Is it possible to use the framework behind the Windows 8 Metro UI to make Exposé-like application for Windows? I tried Mac and I really like this feature, on another side i like that I can drag the ...
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metro style on windows and android

I want to develop a rather simple app using windows 8 metro style for GUI. But i need this app to have the same appearance, GUI, for both platforms, so that end users that uses it both on PC and a ...
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How to store data for Windows Store apps?

I have a application which requires me to save data to a database not located on the users computer. Which approach is the best to save and access data for this scenario? Normally I would use Entity ...
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Use Windows Store controls in a Windows 8 desktop app?

Is it possible to use the Windows 8 Store controls in a Windows 8 desktop app? Controls like the FlipView and SemanticZoom would be useful. I haven't found any information about this and would ...
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Does async/await makes simple thing unnecessary complicated?

After exposing to Windows App Store development for a month, I begin to feel that async / await programming model does more harm than good. It makes simple thing complicated. Take an example, folder ...
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What is the correct UI interface to learn for creating Windows phone 8 apps?

I am a veteran Delphi 6 programmer transitioning to C# development. My first project is a open source library that will have a minimal user interface since it is meant to be used as a Component ...
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Is a 64-bit Laptop going to be a problem for "Metro" apps? [closed]

I'm looking at a sample Windows 8 C# "Metro" style app (bingPushpin). When I 2-click MainPage.xaml, it gives me, "Design view is unavailable for x64 and ARM target platforms." My Acer Aspire laptop ...
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Could Apple and Microsoft allow the GPLv3 on their locked-down devices?

It seems that both Apple and Microsoft prohibit GPLv3-licensed software in the app stores for their locked-down devices (i.e. iOS, Windows Phone and the Metro part of Windows). I have heard various ...
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Relevance of Metro to ASP.Net developer?

I am a web developer, working mostly with ASP.Net(webforms + MVC), C#, javascript and so on. As you know, continuous learning is very important for us, but time is not infinite. I do dabble with the ...'s user avatar
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Advantages and disadvantages to using XAML/C# or HTML5/JavaScipt for Metro apps? [closed]

I was just wondering if there are any major advantages or disadvantages to using either XAML/C# or HTML5/JavaScript for Metro Apps.
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Is a Metro application installation restricted through Windows Store only?

I found that Windows 8 allows packaging and deploying of Metro applications and it can be installed by clicking on a ".bat" file. How will it technically be ensured that the applications can be ...
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How can I best prepare for building Windows Phone 8 Apps

I'm interested in learning to develop for Windows Phone down the road a bit, and am mostly interested in developing Metro Apps for the Windows Phone. It seems like there is some basic info for Metro ...
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Is is possible to develop an application for both metro and classic style?

Is it possible to develop one application that can be be run in both: metro and classic style in Windows 8? I mean, application with the same core and two separate UIs, adjusted to currently used mode....
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C++ Renaissance - marketing slogan? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What does the latest “C++ Renaissance” mean? Lately, I hear a lot about C++ Renaissance. What is that? C++ is currently undergoing a renaissance. This means ...
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Is the upgrade path from Win32 to .NET to WinRT feasible?

I support a VB6 application. It's currently being replaced, module by module, with .NET (including a lot of new features as we go). The GUI is in WPF, but with almost zero coupling to the business ...
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What are "Metro apps"?

While it is relatively new now (2011/09/15), are there any resources for explanations of Metro applications for Windows8? I've not seen anything at the moment that summarises an "elevator pitch" for ...
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