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What does "de-MFC'ifying"a GUI app consist of? [closed]

I'm planning to port or rewrite an MFC GUI C++ app, to use in a GNU/Linux environment, and hopefully make it cross-platform. The app has few, if any, dependencies other than MFC and the standard C++ ...
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Introduce code standard into old code

Our main product is written in C++ MFC and follows the same code standard as MFC. Now we will start to develop new components, and think about whether we should continue to use the same outdated ...
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Force closing an MFC GUI

I have a process loading a UI provider via dll and another system resource that provides functionality which I forward to the UI via callbacks. In some cases, the underlying resource faults while the ...
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Small self-contained windows desktop application technologies? [closed]

Firstly, I'm not new to this. I've written desktop applications for Windows going back to 1991 with Visual Basic 3.0. I've used C/C++ and Win32 API, VB3-6, C# 1.0-4.0 and currently knock out web ...
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Database Facade to wrap our existing queries?

We have a very big application written in C++ using the MFC framework (millions of code lines). No need to say that it's a legacy system, but it's also heavily maintained and updated. This application ...
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Visual C++, CMap object save to blob column

I have a MFC CMap object, each object stores 160K~ entries of long data. I need to store it on Oracle SQL. We decided to save it as a blob. Since we do not want to make additional table, we also ...
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What role does .ini play?

I am working with a MFC application for the first time and I have lots of doubts the biggest at the moment is What is .ini file and why is it there? What exactly is the role it plays? Can some tell me ...
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MFC and WPF similarities [closed]

What are the similarities between MFC and WPF? Is it worthy to learn MFC before WPF?
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Windows GUIs: How Long Will 'Deprecated' APIs Last? [closed]

Note I said 'deprecated' and not 'abstracted'. Back in the days of the MFC, the WinAPI wasn't deprecated because, from what I've read, the MFC merely abstracted the WinAPI. There's a difference, for a ...
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How to estimate effort required to convert a large codebase to another language/platform [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Best way to estimate cost related to porting code from language A to language B? We have an MFC C++ program with around 200,000 lines of code in it. It's pretty much finished....
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GUI: Setting options in two different places and having them stay in sync?

Programming in Windows with Visual Studio 2010 C++ and MFC. My question is about how best to store, update, and pass around program settings or options. I have a simple main GUI window/frame/dialog. ...
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If you use MFC how did find it best to learn the concepts? [closed]

I'm currently working with C++ MFC applications in Visual Studio 2008. I have spent most of my time up to this point working with Java Swing development which seems to be not quite as involved as ...
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