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Microfrontends are small, loosely coupled and independently developed frontend components that can be composed in a flexible way to make a frontend. They are the frontend pendant to microservices and are based on the same principles of breaking down a monolithic system.

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Options for sharing frontend workflows across disparate applications

I am working on a form building feature that will be used across different applications within our organization. Since each app has a slightly different stack we are planning to implement this feature ...
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Digging deeper into differentiation and benefits of micro-frontends, module federation, and 'live' application assembly architectures

Our team is exploring microfrontends as part of the suite of applications we currently offer our clients. A few questions come to mind which I'd appreciate thoughts on: I understand how a 'shell' or '...
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Micro Frontend architecture and different teams

I often get the argument that, if only a single team is working on the UI development, then the UI should not be developed as a set of Micro Frontends, with each one representing a subdomain. I would ...
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How to handle the co-exist phase of Strangler pattern gracefully

We are consolidating a number of disparate monoliths, redesigning and implementing a greenfield suite of microservices and micro-frontends. The stack is all new, the design is all new - it couldn't ...
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How do you design a micro-app Blazor project?

I have been tasked with creating a unified UI for my current company for our Blazor Apps. We have 15 or so apps and we need to add more. Our current requirements are: UI appears the same The Menu ...
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Migration from monolithic Spring MVC, JSP, JQuery, Bootstrap frontend to micro-frontend

We are trying to migrate from a monolithic application to a micro-services one. On the backend we did a lot of work and now we start splitting it into REST micro-services with a well defined JSON API. ...
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How to implement micro-frontends with Native Apps?

I'm working with Web (react) and Mobile (IOS, Android) teams. And I find that even with a microservices architecture we end up always doing duplicated work at the front end/client level. How to ...
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Does the React (and Vue.js) frameworks support extensibility?

Please forgive me if I am mixing up the terminology here, I'm a bit unfamiliar with it. I wanted to find a way to support extensibility in a web application; I wanted a web application that was ...
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how to build microservices that also have GUIs

In a microservices architecture where each component does one thing, how do you handle GUI logic? How do you avoid building a front end web application that has a lot of smarts built into it where it ...
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Lead developer wants to use a micro-frontend design pattern. Are my concerns valid?

I'm a React developer at a large company working on an enterprise application which draws on a large amount of data, but performs a very specialized task and has only a handful of internal users. The ...
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Redundant code sent down the pipe with Micro-frontends

My understanding of Micro-frontends is that the key problem they solve is in helping enterprises have multiple, possible disparate teams, work on individual components/small-apps that will be used to ...
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How to delegate the refresh token renewal in a SOA

So, we've got SOA on the backend (BE) and on the frontend (FE) we've got micro-frontends (the separate micro-frontends are loaded as components into the frontend app when needed, so internal process ...
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Supporting multiple javascript frameworks in eventual single application

We are building several applications that will eventually be one front-end application. It is split up into several projects at the moment where each project is managed by its own scrum team. The ...
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