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Microsoft Access, also known as Microsoft Office Access, is an application development and database development tool from Microsoft. It combines the Microsoft Jet/ACE Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. Other database engines, such as SQL Server, can also be used as a database server for Access applications.

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Can a wide table be the correct choice in design?

I am relatively new to database architecture and I have been tasked with designing a database that will store 250 values per entry by my group. This is pushing the upper limit for fields in an Access ...
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Small databases online

This is to ask whether accdb databases are suitable for this application, and how to connect the user with the database (and the phone network with the database if anyone has a comment on this). I ...
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Designing database for a table with huge number of rows

Suppose, I am developing an application to keep track of daily sales of of a small retail shop of only three employees. Suppose, the owner agrees to buy only one PC, and, refuses to purchase a copy ...
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Upgrading CLASSIC ASP application to PHP

I have an application built on ASP Classic & Microsoft Access (for the Database) which I have been maintining for a long time, but now I want to upgrade it to PHP for the betterment. Maintainence ...
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Connecting to an MS Access database (OleDB) with multiple users

I'm writing C# applications that store their data in MS Access databases, (I'd rather use a different type of database but currently have no other option). The applications are in use by multiple ...
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SQL Table With A Call To Action?

This is all done in Microsoft Access 2007 and SQL Server. We are creating a way for our users to quickly make notes on a customer. These quick-notes will contain tags that will prompt the user for ...
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Range or Row and Column Indices in VBA

I would like to know what the pros and cons are for storing a range variable instead of four integers or long variables (representing the first and last row and column) to define that range. One ...
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Implementing a Username Class

I am attempting to encapsulate several features about a user in a single class. Although the main use for this class would be to initialize it once and never have to call set any variables again, I ...
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Place measurement data in database (access)

In a software I use records of measurement data. Each record contains basic information like a name, some parameters and the actual measurement data in the form of three arrays of double values that ...
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Is there a downside to using Access as a database?

I have inherited an application that stores data in multiple tables in Microsoft Access; the Access DB is only used for storage, all data processing is handled by the app ( Is this good ...
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Best way to re-platform MS access application to java application [closed]

I have a requirement where MS Access application needs to be re-platformed to java application.The MS access app has about 45,000 records and 53 columns with SQL connectivity.These record data need to ...
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Improving the performance of a db import process

I have a program in Microsoft Access that processes text and also inserts data in MySQL database. This operation takes 30 mins or less to finished. I translated it into VB.NET and it takes 2 hours ...
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Enterprise application with lots of SQL queries

Context: I'm working on a fairly large Access database (which I inherited) that has its interface and tables separated. In order to make this work together, we have a lot of SQL queries (dozens). ...
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We are moving an Access based corporate front-end into a Web-based App [closed]

We have an enterprise application with a front end written in Microsoft Access 2003 that has evolved over the past 6 years. The back end data, and a fair amount of back-end logic is contained within ...
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What is a suitable replacement for an Access 2003 database required to run an older PC?

Many years ago, I wrote a small Access 2003 database for a non-profit to track the donations they received. They recently wrote me asking for some new features (I was shocked it was still in use, ...
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.NET app - Should we use SQL Server and duplicate some reference data from an external Oracle DB? Or use Oracle and have a DB link?

We're looking to migrate some existing Excel/Access processes into a new system which will provide the users with a Silverlight frontend to run and view the reports instead of using MS Access. The ...
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Best practices for moving large MS Access application towards .Net?

We have a really huge MS Access application developed in-house initially for our personal needs which then was turned into a commercial software and successfully sold. The software is a sort of "all-...
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Alternative for Access+SQL Server for enterprise projects [closed]

We're a small software company, developing projects for manufacturing facilities about analysis, traceability, reporting etc. We're using Access for front end, SQL Server for back end. We've quite big ...
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Deploying Microsoft-Access databases with our application

Up to now we use DAO 3.51 (MS-Access 97) databases with our application. We are considering using a newer version. Which versions are available? How about deployment? How about royalties/licence fees?...
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MS-Access to Sharepoint conversion?

I do some volunteer work with a non-profit organization on the side occasionally. My main area of expertise is ASP.NET, C#, and SQL. They currently rely heavily on an Access database for their day to ...
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Why is it that MS Data Access story is so fractured ? Is it the nature of Data Access or is just MS?

This StackOverflow question asks "where can I get Microsoft.Data.Objects" It turns out the answer was probably that its in the CTP4 (code first) release of Entity Framework 4 However there where a ...
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