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Is it a good practice to have one bundle per view in Asp Net MVC

Since bundling and minification is all about optimization and making pages load faster, it appears to me that it would be logical to create one bundle for scripts and one bundle for styles per view ...
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How should I prepare my SVG for production? [closed]

I have a project in Angular1.x using a lot of SVG files. I have no idea what to do to SVG files to prepare them for production. I don't want my page to invoke 50 calls to different SVG files. So ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Do Javascript minifiers optimize for gzip?

Case1: There are two snippets of code that are very similar and very gzip-able, one at the start of the document and the other is beyond 32kb at the end of the document. Does the minifier bring the ...
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Minimizability or readability?

I am authoring a lot of plugins for the content management system that I am writing. I believe it to be of utmost importance that script files (especially if they're plugins) should load quickly, ...
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Is script grouping and minification counter-productive?

On a web page I have 1 script tag that contains all my minified JavaScript (I use SquishIt for .NET). However I see that a few people prefer to load their scripts in parallel using something like ...
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Why is HTML/Javascript minification beneficial

Why is HTML/Javascript minification beneficial when the HTTP protocol already supports gzip data compression? I realize that Javascript/HTML minification has the potential to significantly reduce ...
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