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In fixed-price contracts, how can a story be "negotiable and represnt a starting point of conversation with business?

Our company paid for an agile coach, who - without knowing much about our company - went like this: Story should just encapsulate the value and then and clarified with the business Avoid detailed ...
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Generalize, or Fix The Problem?

Which of these two programmers is "better", from a managerial standpoint? The first programmer is Albert. You tell Al to make a system that will pass you the salt at the dinner table. He does it in ...
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Should a programmer "think" for the client?

I have gotten to the point where I hate requirements gathering. Customer's are too vague for their own good. In an agile environment, where we can show the client a piece of work to completion it's ...
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What 's the minimal requirement for a code be considered an AI implementation?

I'd like to know at what point can be considerated an AI implementation? I means, what is the minimal requeriment for that? Can you give a simple code example?
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