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Mocking and faking are ways to isolate code or components to ensure that unit tests run against the testable unit of code only without actually utilizing other components or dependencies of an application. Mocking differs from faking in that a mock can be inspected to assert the results of a test.

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Should I mock ObjectMapper in my unit tests?

I have different services in a spring application that have a dependency on Jackson ObjectMapper, the unit tests rely on @InjectMocks to inject all the various dependencies to the class that is under ...
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Dealing with stubbed external dependency

In sut I should I have two kinds of dependencies to be stubbed: 3rd party dependencies (mongodb & co) and own dependencies: var async = require('async'), // This dependency should not be stubbed ...
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How to verify a method is only called once, with specific arguments (using RhinoMocks)

I'm just starting to use RhinoMocks. Now I'm wondering what test cases I should write. I want to assert that a method is only being called once, with specific arguments. Lets start with my interfaces....
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