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Should we use wireframe tools for front end of our projects?

We just started a small startup company with 4-5 guys and since now we were working by talking to each other about the requirements and maybe some hand drawn sketches about the front end of the ...
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How to create a T-shirt or book displacement map in practice?

So I learned that the feature I am interested in is called a "displacement map". This makes it so you can take a blank t-shirt (with all it's curves and subtle textures), and apply an image to it so ...
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Is there no place for EasyMock.expect().andReturn() in TDD tests

TDD and general best practices around writing tests say that we should test the behavior and not implementation. Hypothesis: In that context, EasyMock.expect().andReturn() should never be used ...
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Where can I find software project deliverables/ documents to help me professionally document my projects? [closed]

Hie guys. I have never been employed in the software development industry and when I do projects I usually just draw non-standard diagrams or used use case diagrams and class diagrams. This time a ...
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Mockup strategy for Responsive Web Design (from a programmer point of view)

When making mockups for Responsive Web Design projects, should I separate them by Page or by Screen Size? Which one would be more helpful when I start writing the source code? What are the pros and ...
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How does one start mocking up a mobile app? [closed]

I have this idea for the "best app in the world". I know what it's going to do, the need it's going to fill, a high to mid-level idea of the code, and who i'm going to target. Now i'm ready to begin: ...
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Desktop GUI Design/Prototype/Mockup/Wireframe

I'm working on a project at the moment and I'm currently looking for some sources regarding creating GUI mockups. In my case, I'm creating basic diagrams with the intended layout of the design to ...
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How do I convince my users not to use a sketch UI?

I recently worked on a prototype of a new system using Sketchflow, and now some key stakeholders are pushing for a sketched look & feel in the final product. To make matters worse, the people ...
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How much time do you spend on design before coding? [duplicate]

In my experience, it is useful to spend a little while sketching plans for a project before getting into code. Such planning usually includes choosing frameworks/tools, writing requirements and ...
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