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How can there be so much "business logic" for a company that they cannot drop their old COBOL/mainframe code? [closed]

Something which has always confused me is this. I keep hearing about how these big, old corporations which were around in the 1950s (for example) and early on started using COBOL-coded business logic ...
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What could be significantly different about phases of SDLC for modern app from traditional software/other apps?

As per the classical SDLC phases of planning, defining, designing, building, testing, deployment and maintenance what could be quite unique in the scenario of modern or contemporary apps. By modern ...
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Modern practices for stored procedure-based applications

I work in a fairly large and old solution that has many entry points for different kinds of clients, with web sites for public access, web sites for internal access, some web sites and web services ...
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Bothering to cater to non-JavaScript clients? [duplicate]

Considering that it's April, 2013; do I still need to worry about non-JavaScript capable/enabled clients? Note: This question excludes having helper text with: JavaScript is required to view this ...
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Modern programming language with intuitive concurrent programming abstractions [closed]

I am interested in learning concurrent programming, focusing on the application/user level (not system programming). I am looking for a modern high level programming language that provides intuitive ...
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Modern languages and the JVM [duplicate]

Many modern programming languages (Scala, Erlang, Clojure, etc.) are targeting the JVM. What are the main reasons behind that decision? JVM's maturity? Portability? Because JVM simply exists, and the ...
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