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Modules are independent software components that result from the decomposition of a larger software into more manageable pieces.

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Are there any negative side effects of splitting up large modules? [closed]

I was browsing a github project and found this module which has more than 10 thousand lines. Is it a common practice to have that much code in a single module? It seems to me that this should be ...
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How to build completely modular web applications [closed]

In the coming months we're going to begin a project where we take a system we've built for a client (v1) and rebuild it from scratch. Our goal with v2 is to make it modular, so that this specific ...
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Module vs. Package?

Whenever I do from 'x' import 'y' I was wondering which one is considered the 'module' and which is the 'package', and why it isn't the other way around?
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Classes vs. modules in Python

Python has many modules (such as re) that perform a specific set of actions. You can call the functions of this module and get results, and the module as a whole has an idea behind it (in this case, ...
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How to reuse c++ code? [closed]

How do I call functions defined outside a source file given you shouldn't use header files? -- EDIT: generic(?) question below So, first, a problem should be broken down into simpler subproblems. ...
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Using multiple Git repositories instead of a single one containing many apps from different teams? [duplicate]

I am migrating a 10-years-old big CVS repository to Git. It seemed obvious to split this multiple-projects repository into several Git ones. But the decision-makers are used to CVS, therefore their ...
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What actually is a module in software engineering? [closed]

According to Stephen Schach, “Classical and Object-Oriented Software Engineering”, chapter 6: a module consists a single block of code that can be invoked in the way that a procedure, function, or ...
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Why are cyclic imports considered so evil?

Seriously, what's the big deal about having a few cycles in one's import graph? I see it as a lesser evil than having super fine grained imports that make keeping track of where to look for what code ...
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Multi-platform Map Application

I'm working on a web project (PHP, jQuery) which currently using Google Maps powering up the map functionality of the application, however we need to make it multi-platform like you can go to the ...
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2 answers

Does modular programming refer to modules or programs?

As far as I can tell, the main idea in modular programming is: program pieces that work well; complex behaviour results from piece_a and piece_b working together Though, I am not sure if it ...
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5 answers

How to turn on/off code modules?

I am trying to run multiple sites using single code base and code base consist of the following module (i.e. classes) User module Q & A module Faq module and each class works on MVC pattern i....
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one single compressed js file VS compressed requirejs module files

I just started using requirejs and I love it. I have one concern though. I've been compressing all my js files into one single file. Even with requirejs optimizer, I need to load module files from the ...
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With AMD style modules in JavaScript is there any benefit to namespaces?

Coming from C++ originally and seeing lots of Java programmers doing the same we brought namespaces to JavaScript. See Google's closure library as an example where they have a main namespace, goog and ...
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How to define vertical slice in a system whose horizontal slices are defined by Java modules?

For the project I'm working on I was thinking to create a Java Module for each layer of my system: servlet-presentation defines the implementation of the presentation layer. It is composed by Java ...
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