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MongoDB is a document-oriented database.

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How to synchronize cache writes in a distributed system?

I am looking for a complete pattern implementing cache-aside when used in a distributed system across multiple nodes read/writing from/to cache. Specificly how to avoid making multiple requests to db ...
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Selecting a large set of information from a database

So this is a topic I have never really tackled, so bare with me as I try to describe my issue and the scenario. I have an API endpoint in my service that sends emails to a bunch of users. The set of ...
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Store UUID Reference vs. storing string in Mongodb

I am trying to store user preference for notifications. One way to do is store types of notification in separate collection and store UUID of that notification type in user table. e.g. notification-...
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How to manage one-to-many relationship updates in MongoDB

I asked this over at SO and didn't get any responses after a couple weeks, so I figured I'd try SE... TLDR; How do I update nested objects in MongoDB when data referenced in those nested objects ...
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best approach to store "enums" shared between collections

I have several enums that need to be defined and shared between collections. A practical example: There are X colors available "Light Blue", "Red", "Purple".... people ...
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Re-architecting CPU intensive Node application to handle multiple users

A few years ago, I wrote an application that allowed users to upload a file (it's a very specific file type) to a server. It then sends instructions to the server on how to visualise the data, and the ...
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mongodb queries architecture - resolving lots of nested referenced objects

I have an angular 8 application, with a Python + MongoDB API on the backend. At present, I have 4 collections, namely: Users, Tasks, Companies and Groups. All of these resource types are retrievable ...
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NoSQL/Mongo: Best practice for modeling 1:1 "relationships"?

I come from many years working with SQL Server. I am working now on a mobile game using GameSparks as the back-end which only supports NoSQL run on Mongo. I am creating a Computer Card Game and am ...
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What is the query router in mongodb architecture of sharding?

I have read the guide and they say Query Router Sharding is transparent to applications; whether there is one or one hundred shards, the application code for querying MongoDB is the same. ...
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Structuring mongodb documents

I am fairly new to MongoDB document-based storage, and my background is in tabular databases and I am having trouble understanding the right way to model this relationship. Currently I have a ...
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Compiling data from multiple API sources, multiple languages, into a single database (MySQL or Mongo)

I'm thinking about a database schema, and would really appreciate if some of you could look at where I'm up to and offer some advice.. The mission - We have to write a program that will fetch data ...
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Expert advice needed for a NoSql Database

At our company, I have been given the task to develop a Mobile Application (iOS, Android and in the future, maybe Windows). Given those devices, it's likely that we'll have a high number of ...
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Should mongoDB be run in a cluster?

I'm trying to implement an architecture that's similar to the coreos's production architecture (shown below) Should I run the database as a central service or one or more of the workers? I figured ...
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File system implementation in MongoDB with GridFS

I am working on two projects that will both implement a Webdav server backed by a MongoDB GridFS. In each case, there is the potential for the system to store tens of millions of files spread across ...
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choosing Database and Its Design for Rails

I am having a difficulty in deciding the database & its structure. Let us say the problem is like this. For my product I have various customers( each is an educational institute) Each customer ...
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What's the best way to modularize a User schema so it's generic

I have a database design question. Basically I want to be able to create a schema for a User model, then use this User model in other models that extend User but I want to design it in such a way that ...
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Is there an easy way to map directory structure to a MongoDB schema?

I'm trying to store a directory structure, including files and their content, in MongoDB. The work is part of a synching app, and is using in Node/Mongoose. Now, I'm new to Mongo, and it's late here ...
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Feedback on this back-end stack [closed]

I'm planning to setup an scalable architecture capable of providing web services on a REST interface where JSON will be sent as a result. The web services will be quite simple for a CRUD web 2.0 app. ...
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Implementing Scheduling Within an Application

I'm building an app and the end user will be using an Admin screen to schedule content on the front page. They will be choosing two dates, a start date and an end date. Obviously I don't want to ...
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Can SQL Server and Mongo be used together?

We have a large news-oriented site that has high web traffic. The architecture is your often seen DB - Repo Layer - Services Layer - Asp.Net MVC. The problem that we've been seeing is around read ...
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What techniques would you use for a next generation java web application? [closed]

I'm working at a site similar to Foursquare and Yelp, with approximately 100000 unique requests each week that generates content, growing steadily. We are currently using: Seam as Java web framework. ...
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NoSQL Modify operations performance

I am working on the application which in near future (hopefully) will have to process tens or hundreds of thousands of items (item is currently one row in relational database table) per second. If I ...
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