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CDN monitoring for cost distribution [closed]

I'm aggregating a lot of data from different vendors and have to provide an unified data set to a set of clients. The clients will be identified with a specific identifier upon fetching the data from ...
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Monitor newly released code without real traffic

As new code is released to production, without enough direct access to production execution environments I rely only on user traffic for monitoring. However not all use cases get covered via user ...
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AWS and cron job: improve logging, monitoring and concurrence

In my company, we use a separate cron server to run mission-critical background jobs that run on a single ec2 instance: the whole platform is then vulnerable to anything going wrong on this instance. ...
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Centralized management of many single-tenant instances

Designing a SaaS application that will be used by multiple business customers (tenants). Decided to use the single tenant model - a single instance of the application and database is deployed for each ...
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Defining SLI / SLO for ETL and Reporting Application

All, We're just started on SRE journey and trying to define SLI / SLO for our application. It is an ETL application where 1. feeds (e.g. start of day, end of day data feeds) comes from various ...
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What approaches are standard for 'healthcheck' monitoring of frontends?

A problem I'm currently solving is that at a glance I want to see the status of various services, including both frontends and backends, across dev, test and prod environments. That is, I want to see: ...
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Design a function that indicates significant deviations in response times

I'd need some feedback on how to approach the design of a function that highlights parts of a time series chart. The chart shows the response time of an application, in particular the 90th percentile, ...
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How to objectively monitor REST APIs performance based on the request/response size

We recently integrated a monitoring solution (Data Dog) for our REST-APIs based microservices. The monitoring solution gives us many useful metrics. For example, we can see the average response time ...
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How to add APM/observability/tracing in a monolithic architecture?

I keep reading articles analyzing Monitoring and Observability, or having lots and lots of text regarding how the latter is the extension of the first, or how they are complementary, or how tracing is ...
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A request's round trip time monitoring at microservice production best tools and practices?

I've a microservice's system at production which provide an API to the outer world. Along with each service monitoring via monitoring tool ( Prometheus, zabbix, etc.) of course it's highly desirable ...
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Show a service's status to the user

Some design thoughts on an application that is mostly event driven using kubernetes and docker. The application is a web based application, a single page one. It shows updates from the back-end such ...
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What is the most efficient way to find filesystem changes in percentage?

I am planning to write a program that will produce digest logs for file changes in a particular directory. The idea is that whenever a file is deleted in a particular directory, it will show up in the ...
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Monitoring write-intensive web service through submitting synthesized data?

We have a web service that accepts images and metadata uploaded by end users, and the uploaded images would go through multiple steps of processing / reviewing with human involved. To monitor the ...
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Do logs enhance availability of service for a well monitored application?

I used to work for teams that built software as a service applications. Our requirements, regarding production, were often the same : A complex service (web application, database, daemons, typically) ...
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How should propagation of service abuse information work within a microservice architecture?

At the moment, I'm working on a product that's being broken down from a monolith to a bunch of microservices, and it seems to be going well enough. However, if a user is abusing the service somehow, ...
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Monitoring my REST API service

I have a REST API. I want to monitor it -- that it's always up. That's the canonical way to ping it? Especially when all of its calls require an API key. Should I create an empty open end point ...
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What would be the architecture for a polling-based monitoring service?

I have a list of 75000 websites that need to be monitored for uptime. Monitoring the websites involves making a HTTP request for the website every minute, and the website is said to be "up" or "down" ...
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Designing database job monitoring

I have several Oracle database where my in-house applications are running. Those applications use both dba_jobs and dba_scheduler_jobs. I want to write monitoring function: check_my_jobs which will ...
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Standard Patterns to measure capacity in a competing consumers system

We have a number of systems that are based on the competing consumers pattern. We currently monitor the delay between an item of work being queued and processing finishing, however, as throughput ...
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Difference between watchdog timer and heartbeat signals?

As the title says what is the difference between watchdog timer and heartbeat signal ? When to use each of them.
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Techniques for observing runtime state in C

What are the techniques for C programs which allow easily inspecting the state of the embedded device, through a communication link? For example, for a microcontroller device which communicates with ...
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Designing a scalable website monitoring infrastructure

I'm designing a infrastructure to monitor websites and applications. The idea is to build an application which checks the user website/application with a certain interval (30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, etc.). ...
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Tracking state changes based on duration of time in state

I've been building a monitoring system that checks whether a device is alarmed or not, and if so, sends notifications to relevant users based on how long a device is in a particular state. Here's an ...
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Java EE exceptions for validation and APMs

In my current work, we have some Java EE applications and we use exceptions and exception mappers to deal with user errors, i.e. that can't be dealt with in the frontend. We usually reply with a 400, ...
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Technique to passively take down a host on the network [closed]

I am developing a program which is to be installed on a "simple" machine in a LAN, the only particularity is that the NIC are connected on mirror ports. The software can scan and monitor the network. ...
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How to do an "Automatic DB monitor" and notify the client

Until now I didn't find anything good about monitoring a DB's specific table (or related tables) specific values changed. I want to know: Since most of DB's don't support monitoring changes for ...
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How to design error monitoring for batch jobs with multiple and diverse steps?

I'm working on a software to integrate an e-commerce store and the company ERP. All the integration steps are run as a unique batch job, every 5 minutes. Things are working under production, but I'm ...
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windows users vs. custom [closed]

My application needs to support a "shift change" scenario. Essentially, a person is managing some assets. At the shift change, the person that was there leaves right as the replacement signs in. The ...
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How to monitor a long-running program programmatically

What I've currently got can be summed up with this pseudo code: public static void Main(string[] args) { var listOfObjects = Database.GetObjectsToUploadToOnlineService(); Parallel.ForEach(...
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Write progress from a long running process

We have some long running processes which could run for as long as an hour up to 6 hours. Some of the processes are started by hand and the user wants to see what the progress of the process is. ...
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How to comfortably monitor 5 daemons while developing them?

This is the scenario: I'm on this project for which I wrote 4 Node.js scripts that act as "servers" for some service (they have to be separated). I also use Redis, that is another service to keep an ...
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