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Local development for TypeScript library organized as mono repo with Lerna

I currently am developing a TypeScript shared library. The library needs to be imported in sections to minimize the imported bundle size, so I broke it up into packages with a monorepo with Lerna. ...
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Right using monorepo for ts-node scripts

I have a repository with various tools/scripts written with ts-node and used in many projects. Initially, it contained several automation/analytics scripts, one package.json file at the root, and one ...
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Mixing server and client code in monorepo

To date, we have implemented a multi-repo approach in which each project, or for larger projects, each tier, has its own repo. Code is written in Typescript, Javascript, C#, PowerShell and T-SQL. ...
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Jenkins and Monorepos

I am pondering moving some parts of the system I work on to a monorepo. The structure I have now is something like: +- Project 1 +- pom.xml | +- Jenkinsfile | +- Dockerfile +- ...
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