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what licence for an application that uses libraries with different licences

I have developed .NET software that uses two libraries: Library A has MIT licence and I'm using my own version of it as I edited the source code of this library. Library B has Ms-PL licence and I use ...
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Is it allowed to distribute a program which source code is under Ms-PL to paying customers?

What I want to do is bundle XML Notepad (as is, no modifications) with the installation of our commercial product. Instead of telling the customer "go to
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Can I use MIT code within a MS-PL project?

I would like to modify and use code of a MIT project within a MS-PL project. Am I allowed to do that? I've already searched for it with Google and Bing, but I could not find anything like "Yes (No) ...
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Using MS-PL licensed library for internal company use

I want to use a MS-PL licensed library in a proprietary software, but it'll run inside my company, with no external distribution. Does the license allows this kind of usage or it constitutes a ...
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Why isn't the Microsoft Public License compatible with the GPL?

According to this GNU Project page, regarding Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL): This is a free software license; it has a copyleft that is not strong, but incompatible with the GNU GPL. They do ...
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What open source licenses allow for combining code that compiles into a single assembly?

I'm trying to make a library that will be used by other developers. I want to obey the "don't re-invent the wheel" principle and and I also want to make the deployment a matter of dropping a single ....
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Microsoft Public License Question

Let preface this by saying that I understand that any advice I may receive is not to be taken as 100% correct, I am just looking for what people's understand of what this license is. I have been ...
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What does Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) clause 3 section (A) actually limit?

I've been looking at the Ms-PL license that ASP.NET MVC and DotNetOpenAuth are published under and 3A says this: 3 Conditions and Limitations (A) No Trademark License- This license does not grant ...
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