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C# Source Generator : which way to go for a simple GitHub Community Project

CONTEXT My project is about implementing the "conventional method for house-energy-efficiency assessment" in France (120 pages). I want to provide a strict yet easy to use API to this method....
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1 answer

Cross-platform library: how to organize project?

Our company develops and sells a cross-platform C++ library. We distribute binary only versions for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. The only source code the customers get is the header ...
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Why use Grunt for JavaScript-related files instead of relying on MSBuild?

In a Microsoft ecosystem (i.e. WebForms/MVC/WebAPI VisualStudio projects) why should I rely on an external task runner for JavaScript files like Grunt if I already have MSBuild at my disposal as the ...
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Trust .net compiler after Microsoft updates

Microsoft releases upgrades and changes to .net, msbuild and Visual Studio quite frequently. How can I be sure the MSIL code created by msbuild or the Roslyn compiler in VS 2015 will be the same or ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Do MSBuild project files serve the same purpose as NMAKE makefiles in a build process? (practically equivalent)

I'm finding it difficult to understand Microsoft's motive behind building conceptual "projects" like this. They ship MSBuild.exe and NMAKE.exe together with a Visual Studio 2015 install but they both ...
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Handling generated files in a Visual Studio Project

I have a Visual Studio Project that is using a MSBuild task to generate some code files. (The basis are xml files, and the generated code is quite lengthy, but noting special, just a lot of ...
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4 answers

Why should I use MSBuild instead of Visual Studio Solution files?

We're using TeamCity for continuous integration and it's building our releases via the solution file (.sln). I've used Makefiles in the past for various systems but never msbuild (which I've heard is ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How do I structure code and builds for continuous delivery of multiple applications in a small team?

Background: 3-5 developers supporting (and building new) internal applications for a non-software company. We use TFS although I don't think that matters much for my question. I want to be able to ...
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1 answer

How is the build for a msdeployment project different than a regular web application project?

In our CI environment we build all the cs projects and then build the deployment projects. The deployment projects do an extra step of compiling the aspx & ascx files and often catch errors that ...
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3 answers

Deployment Tools that Integrate with TFS? [closed]

So I have this issue. The Operations team where I work has taken over TFS because they are using MS Build to build and deploy code to production servers. As a result developers have lost A LOT of ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Why we should build with the highest warning level in .NET?

I heard that we have to build with the highhest warning level. Is it true? why? And how to change default .NET warning level?
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8 votes
2 answers

Why isn't anyone talking about parallel compilation for .Net?

Builds are slow and take time. We can get MSBuild to parallelize them, but only on a single machine, not across a cluster. Why hasn't anyone come up with clustered build solutions in the .Net space? I ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Ms Build publishing vs Visual Studio IDE publishing

I am currently working on ms build to publish my winform application based on the environment selected (Dev or Prod). I am using Ms Build Community Task and referencing this article to achieve this ...
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3 answers

Can I use MSBuild to build old VS6 C++ projects?

I have a build computer where Visual Studio not installed, only MSbuild which can build VS2008 projcets without having any Visual Studio installed. I wonder whether it is possible to use MSbuild ...
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