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MSDN - ServiceLocation Outdated Why? Alternatives?

I recently (1 month) start working in a project and as I was going through the code I saw an using Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation and as I searched for the documentation on that library is says: ...
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Usage of this keyword in constructor chaining?

I am reading msdn documentation for this keyword. They gave three usages for this keyword as follows To qualify members hidden by similar names To pass an object as a parameter to other methods To ...
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Is MSDN / Azure Active Directory information available in different formats?

I'd like to read the documentation of Azure Active Directory on my kindle (or similar device), but don't want to use "Print to Kindle" for each and every page. Is the Microsoft documentation for this ...
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Does MSDN follow documentation conventions for .NET, and if so is it publicly available?

While browsing the MSDN documentation for the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) I've always been amazed by how consistent and fully documented it is. It's a constant companion when developing .NET ...
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Why use sealed instead of static on a class?

Our system has several utility classes. Some people on our team use (A) a class with all-static methods and a private constructor. Others use (B) a class with all-static methods (these the juniors). ...
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Where can I read the original C# introduction paper by Microsoft? [closed]

When Microsoft presented .NET Framework and C# language in 2002, what was the first article to introduce C#? I'm looking for some paper published on MSDN or Microsoft website that would explain the ...
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Are MSDN licenses transferrable? How about if they have expired?

I have a coworker who will likely be leaving the company soon. An msdn subscription (Premium I believe) was purchased for him - but I believe it was more than 1 year ago. Is this license transferrable ...
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