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How to implement a website with translatable articles?

I am developing a website that is supposed to be in at least two languages. I am a skilled developer, but I never had to deal with internationalization. The owner of the site will create a new article ...
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Hexagonal architecture and translations: how to model it properly?

Imagine a backend service modeled by a hexagonal architecture, where the domain has a class modeling, let us say, a Step of a creative flow that a mobile app will use: class Step( val stepId: ...
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Best practices for translatable models in Entity Framework Core 2.1+

I'm building an Entity Framework Core-backed ASP.NET Core RESTful service and I have entities / models such as Product, Document etc with description in multiple languages. I want to be able to ...
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Why aren't there more multi natural language programming languages?

Are there any programming languages that are available and extendable in more than one natural language? For instance, an english version with a do..while loop, a Spanish version with a hacer.....
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higher order functions equivalent construct in TIOBE top 10 languages [closed]

I'm trying to find a language construct equivalent to higher order functions in the top 10 languages from TIOBE index. Here are my results so far: C - function pointers Java - anonymous methods, ...
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Consequences of "naïve" vs "naive"?

While using IE autocorrect "naive" got transformed to "naïve"! My regional settings are Au English, from a Unicode search point of view the two are nothing alike. I am not even sure whether there are ...
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Best practices for deploying multilingual API

I have a hobby project and it looks like there is need to have some API library (which in turn is a wrapper over existing http API) at least for two languages - JavaScript and Python, adding support ...
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What is a good pattern for multi language in MongoDb?

Say I want to build a website that support multiple language and use MongoDB datastore. I wonder what is a good approach to have multiple versions of the body and title of an article, one for each ...
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Mixing languages in .Net [closed]

I know that .Net provides the feature to mix several languages within the same application (there are some constraints of course, but this is not essential). Theoretically, this might be done because ...
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Should a new programmer focus on a single technology until he's proficient at it? [closed]

Ok, I've been teaching a buddy how to program for a while now. He's a very fast learner, and he's quite good at programming so far. However, he has one "issue" I keep trying to correct. He jumps in ...
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Can applications override the OS keyboard layout?

We have in-house .NET application, which can be used across multiple languages. Lately we received a strange bug that is when our application is being used, user was unable to enter accent characters (...
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4 answers

Dealing with bilingual(spoken language) code?

So I've got to work with this set of code here for a re-write, and it's written by people who speak both English and French. Here's a snapshot of what I'm talking about (only, about 4000 lines of ...
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Effective Strategies for Localization in .NET [closed]

I am developing the UI for a .NET MVC application that will require international localization of all content in the near future. I am very familiar with .NET in general but have never had a project ...
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